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Your mind may be divided into three distinct areas: Self-Conscious – Your self-conscious mind is that whereby you are aware of yourself. It is reason and logic. With this mind you think, make plans, form deductions and conclusions. You use the self-conscious mind when you are awake and aware. It is also called the objective mind. […]

When you become Soul-Conscious, you have taken the first step on the Path out of the human evolutionary stream onto a different evolutionary level. You are beginning in the lower rank of a superhuman evolutionary kingdom, another hierarchy of beings that already exists. Normally, people have to come to this level through aeons of evolution […]

If a person thinks that what we see is the only world there is, that there are no invisible worlds, then of course, all these things are just abstract ideas. If there is nothing but this world, how can there be Worlds of Light? We don’t see the other worlds because the human vision is […]

In the Heart you experience yourself as a bodiless Spirit, as Pure Consciousness. You find yourself fully conscious but without a body or form of any sort. Some initial experiences of the state of Pure Consciousness are as follows: You are aware but without a shape. You are aware without a shape or a form, […]

There is a quote from the Bible “For as he thinketh in his Heart, so is he.” (Proverbs: 23–7) For every story in the Bible only two per cent was narrated and taught, the other ninety-eight per cent was forgotten.  What was really meant was “As a man prays in his Heart, so he is.” […]

If you don’t know what Love is, you should start developing it seriously. Love is simply when you go out of yourself, when you don’t think of yourself. It is misunderstood in the world today. There are many books on the subject of self-love. So many affirmations, which tell you to love yourself— I’m such […]

If you practice love as a mental exercise only, it won’t work. New Agers can be very mental and hope to reorganize the world purely on a mental level—Love your neighbour; help the poor in Africa—with mental ideas. It won’t work because the love has to spring naturally from your Heart. A mental idea won’t […]

Love is a quality of the Heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor; your ability to give is not dependent on your wealth. Very often, poor people think, “Oh, I cannot help people because I have no money!” But in fact, money has no relevance to helpfulness at all. You can be […]

  Most people do not know that around us there is a tremendous life force, an ocean of life-energy. Just like a fish lives in the ocean, from the ocean and within the ocean, we live in, from and within this energy-field.  This great ocean of life-energy is a radiant, vibrating power that gives life […]

Cultivation The First Gate in the path to Enlightenment is the Way of the Spiritual Warrior. When you start the Spiritual Path you are wild and uncultivated, with just your natural personality. So long as you let your personality remain as it is, there’s no progress for you in this life in terms of the […]