The Spiritual Path and Your Purpose in Life

You cannot enter the Spiritual Path unless you are clear about your purpose in life.

A lot of people are confused when they begin the Path. They don’t really know what they are looking for; they just hear about some strange guru giving a lecture, so they go along and it sounds interesting, but then they get sidetracked playing baseball, or they get sidetracked doing something else. It may take them years to find out what they are really looking for. This we call the stage of seeking. It is a critical period, because during the seeking period (which may last ten or twenty years, or even lifetimes) you are subjected to so many diverse opinions, ideas, schools of thought, practices, philosophies, religions, or whatever. You are faced with an overwhelming mass of different ideas and energies, and all these inputs enter inside you.
To sort out all this input requires an above-average inner intelligence. A person who becomes enlightened in this lifetime has to be above average in every sense of the word. You must be able to distinguish between higher purposes and lower purposes, and you must choose a higher purpose.
To have an above-average intelligence is to have an above-average imagination of your destiny in life, because your concept of your destiny determines what you become. If a person wants to become a movie star and works towards that all their life, then they will become a movie star. If somebody wants to become a successful business executive, that person can become a successful business executive. That is the Law of Life: whatever you put your energy and attention into, that is what you become. Absolutely the same Law applies in the invisible, spiritual dimensions: what you put your energy into, you become. If you want to become a psychic, put your energy into it and you will become a psychic. If you want to become a Soul-Enlightened person, put your energy into it and you will become a Soul-Enlightened person. If you want to attain Nirvanic Consciousness, put your energy into that and you will attain it. Whatever you put your Heart and Soul energy into, that is what you become. You do not become something by accident or chance, nor by some outer God offering special favours. The common people often say: “This guy has become a millionaire; he is so lucky.” But there is no such thing as luck. You get what you work for.

Before you even start the spiritual training, you must understand that it has to be a conscious, intelligent, purposeful, planned activity.

If you wonder why one person may have Superconsciousness or Cosmic Consciousness and another person does not, the answer is always very simple: those people who have Higher Consciousness worked for it. They put enormous time, energy and effort into it, in this lifetime and likely in previous lifetimes. They had the right intelligence to start off with, they followed the right practice, and they had the right results.
It is important that you sort through the massive input of ideas and philosophies and discriminate. What is your purpose in life? You might say: “What is the difference between training in the psychic field and training in the spiritual field? It’s all the same!” You might do shamanism, witchcraft, black magic and white magic, and say that they are just different systems of training. But not every activity will have the same results, by any means. Every action is reflected back into the invisible part of your auric being, the invisible part of the planet, and the invisible part of the Solar System. Every action will impact on your auric field in a very definite way, as well as on the aura of the planet and of the Solar System itself, and will have a very specific, definite result.
A person has to be intelligent to change his or her destiny. An animal doesn’t have sufficient intelligence to change its destiny; it is subject to the Law of Nature and that’s it. To change your destiny you have to develop that degree of intelligence whereby you can perceive the purpose and meaning of Existence and work towards a larger vision and goal within the great All-Reality.
To understand how you should live your life, you must understand what happens to you in the after-death conditions. Then you have to choose and light your own way. You must look for only the highest possible presentation of Reality, or you will flounder in the intermediary worlds. We humans on this planet have a choice: we can be average and plod along the natural course we have been following for hundreds of thousands of years, cycling through aeons of slow evolution of matter, slow evolution of Spirit, slow evolution of the inner worlds; or we can be intelligent and move out of this very slow movement in Time and Space onto a completely different spiral.
All worlds move in spirals. You can look into outer Space and see everything spiralling and circling—planets, stars and galaxies. But the spiral is also inward. If you look into Inner Space you will notice an inner spiral, moving upwards. This upward-moving spiral is Internal Evolution, beyond the natural kind of evolution. And that is what the real Spiritual Path is about. It is within this context that you have to understand your possibilities.

In order to raise yourself beyond the normal to the supernormal, you have to understand the multidimensional nature of your being.

First of all you have your normal outer mind by which you perceive the physical universe. Through this mind you are aware of the world, you register physical vibrations and receive impressions in the brain, and you think about them and act on them. We call this the wakeful mind, the objective mind or the self-conscious mind. The objective mind is the consciousness which pervades your brain and physical body while you are awake on this physical dimension. By natural evolution it took Humanity two million years to achieve this state of consciousness which you have nowadays!
Beyond the objective mind you have another mind, the dreaming mind or astral mind. This is your consciousness in the astral dimension, what in modern language we call the subconscious mind. What psychologists call subconscious mind is simply your consciousness and intelligence while you are functioning in the astral body rather than the physical body. The subconscious mind has many possibilities; it is a tremendous power-field, about a thousand times larger than the self-conscious mind. The ancients knew about the powers of the subconscious mind, and modern psychologists have discovered a little about it. When you become in-tune with your subconscious power it can make you a success or it can destroy you, depending on the contents of your subconscious mind.
We call this the dreaming mind because, amongst many things, this is the mind which dreams. All kinds of dreams—prophetic dreams, revelatory dreams, ordinary nonsense dreams—are activities of the subconscious mind. This mind is within your astral body, and it is sensitive to the astral dimension, the psychic world, the invisible dimension closest to us.
The astral mind is a wide-ranging mind with many possibilities, so how are you going to use it? This is also what we call the psychic mind. It is your subconscious mind, or astral mind, which gives you psychic powers, such as lower clairvoyance, clairaudience, ESP, out-of-body experiences, and the normal type of psychic visions. Whether or not you understand it in such a way, when you go into the psychic field you are using your astral mind.
Beyond the subconscious mind we have the Causal Mind, within the causal body. Modern psychologists call this the Superconscious Mind; it is above the subconscious mind and the self-conscious mind. We also call it Superconsciousness or Causal Consciousness. The Superconscious Mind, or Causal Mind, is that which manifests when you have a sudden, tremendous inspiration, a formless knowing. It can appear spontaneously in your normal living condition as a great wave of inspiration. It may be an inspiration along the line of art, literature, science, music, or whatever. You may see or feel a vision and sense a goal or purpose which is higher and superior. You may be inspired to recreate the environment, or to recreate architecture or music. All great creators have these moments of inspiration from the Superconscious Mind.

The Superconscious Mind exists in everybody, but you have to train yourself to get in touch with it.

It seems that only the creators, the movers of civilization, have this consciousness awakened within them, but through meditational processes you can consciously move into the Superconscious Mind until it becomes yours, until you are always in that state of suspended inspiration. We are not just talking about psychology, but a very practical reality: through meditational processes you can attain the great inspiration of the great movers and shakers of civilization as a normal condition of your mind. We teach these meditational techniques so that you can slowly move into that horizon and capture that level of consciousness at will, with purpose, bright and clear inside you. In such a way you can consciously and intelligently set out in this lifetime to move beyond the normal and become supernormal. And then begins your Supernatural Evolution.
It is important that you understand that you have these things inside you, because the way lies through these states of mind towards the higher evolutionary possibilities. First you move into the Superconscious Mind or Causal Mind, then into the Buddhic Mind or Cosmic Mind, and then into the Nirvanic Mind, or what we call the Divine Mind or Infinite Mind. These possibilities exist within you, and with system, technique, practice, intention and will, you shall attain them!

Excerpt from “The Sedona Talks” Chapter Day 3: Death and Destiny


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