The Divine Presence, Shekinah, is in Everything

When we look at the physical Universe, physical objects and our physical body, we only see an appearance. We do not see them as they really are. We see only an infinitesimally small fragment because our five physical body senses can only touch, in terms of vibration, one microscopic fragment of what this kingdom really is. We do not see the Divine Presence, not with the normal sight, hearing and touch of the physical body. This Universe is not as solid as it appears to be but in fact it’s a field of energy. The ancient Kabbalists called it Shekinah, the Divine Presence. It’s a system of energy, a wave, which permeates the whole of Reality.  It’s out of that energy level that the Universe condenses. Out of the Shekinah everything manifests. The beauty of it is that you are already standing in the Presence of God, because within every part of your body, every cell, is the Divine Presence, Shekinah.
Where this leads in practical realization is that all you have to do is sit down and you are already there, even on the physical body level. Even your physical body level is a manifestation of the Divine. It’s already a divine reality. It’s already a divine thing because the Shekinah, the Divine Presence, permeates it through and through.
This is a beautiful realization and is why people go into Nature and can be entranced by a tree, a beautiful sunset or a flower. You can look at a beautiful human face or listen to a river or whatever and suddenly you have the feeling that God is there. Did you ever have the experience of something in Nature and you suddenly felt that there was a Divine Presence there? Well of course because it is already there. It’s within everything you see.

All you have to do is switch your consciousness, flip over, to see.

This is not where the Teaching ends but where it begins and from there are greater realizations. Even the psychic realms and what appear to be separate psychic powers are really only adaptations of the Infinite Power of God himself or the Divine Soul inside you.
It is the same with your emotions and mind. What appear to be your thoughts or your emotions are really just energy waves, like little wavelets in the Divine Ocean of Consciousness. Nothing is yours. There is no way any part of you is separated from the total Reality. This is one of the laws of Kabbalah and of course the ancient teachings that everything is interconnected with everything else.
The very nature of things is that we are already linked on the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual levels. We are totally interconnected, which means that any person who is more evolved than you, has a higher state of awareness and being, can impress that state upon you, if you are receptive. All you have to do is become receptive and it is yours.
As the Buddhists say: it is sufficient only to remember Buddha to achieve Enlightenment. In other words remembering means remembering who and what you are. If you remember that you are one with the Buddha Nature, you are one, for the simple reason that everything is one. You are one with the Buddha. You are one with the Christ. You are one with all the great masters and sages who ever lived or will live because of the utter interconnectedness of the whole vast Universal Reality.
What you have to do is be increasingly less concerned with negative manifestations and increasingly more attuned and stay in the positive, the higher level of energy. Where your mind focuses is what you’re going to experience.


If you are a person who continually worries about their negative states, and there are a lot of people doing that, all you do is draw your energies to those negative states which increases their power.

The remedy is to be conscious of them but more conscious of the positive states because as you do that, the focus of energy, your own life-force, will stream towards the positive and maintain it. By the law of give and take, the law of increase or diminishing supply, the negativity will gradually vanish until it disappears altogether.
You cannot have a one hundred per cent negative free existence while in this physical body, in this incarnation, in this personality, because if you could you wouldn’t be here. You would disappear because it is what keeps you in manifestation. You must have a certain amount of ill health, bad moods or wrong thoughts to keep you here, because if it was all perfect you would simply fall back and disappear to the original source. It is called karma or causation in Buddhist terminology. You must have done something to produce something else and to produce something else again and by the end of the chain you’re down here as you are. You will always have some problems, something for your consciousness and the reason you are in this personality, otherwise you could not manifest. This is the other thing you have to accept.
The reason why we are here is to serve Creation. Increasingly, with transcendental consciousness you will be able to see problems in a different light and understand them in a different way, but ultimately you cannot reach total perfection here because it is an impossibility while you are in this manifestation.
That which appears to be darkness, negativity, heaviness or solidity to the average person using their normal physical senses, for the enlightened, God-conscious, Cosmic-conscious one, is resplendent with Light. It is filled with the Divine Presence, Shekinah.


You create your own world. You create your own little universe by the images you see in your mind.

This is very important because your life depends on it. God sees an image in his or her mind and that image becomes the Universe.
Similarly you see in your mind and these are your thoughts. We call them thoughts on the human level and on the Divine Level we call them Archetypes. Your thoughts create your universe. So, if you see negatively inside, have negative thoughts, you will have a negative and unhappy life. Notice that “seeing” and “thoughts” are linked in this process. God sees and the Universe appears. You see and your universe appears. The inner seeing is the thought process. In the same way the inner seeing for God is the Archetypal Process, the Grand Archetypes within which all the Universe is held.
What we see inside our minds we become and what we see in our environment we become. High magic comes from that. What you hold in your mind you become.
We do not see the Universe as God sees it. You will begin to understand that later on as you have deeper mystical experiences and realize how little we see on these levels. What God sees is incredible and indescribable and is how the Universe really is. But what we can do in the beginning is to see our lives as better and to see our lives as better is to become more according to the Divine Image.
There is a divine pattern and order in each one of us which we are supposed to follow but we don’t. We will recover this order by gradually tuning in by various meditational processes until we can do it consciously from inside.


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4 thoughts on “The Divine Presence, Shekinah, is in Everything

  1. Dominique P says:

    A very positive message here! The resplendence of Creation, always before us and within us, always creatively manifesting according to our view. Thank you, Imre, for reminding us too, that although the spiritual path may seem arduous, the rewards are immense.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I love to read the comments that have already been written here. This reminds me that we are all one Heart, one Mind, and one Being, under the eternal, o’er-arching Power, Love and Beauty of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Imre’s teachings.

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