The Mystery of Death

The Soul’s Plan

How long we live in the physical body, was originally envisaged by the Soul. The Soul already knows that it is going to live for only five days, five years, ten years or a hundred years, because the Soul has worked it out in the Causal World, in its own particular domain. But when you come down here a problem arises because society and relatives can interfere in that process, completely unaware of your Soul Plan.

It may be that you as a Soul decided you will live for only six years in the physical body to offset a complicated set of karmas from previous lifetimes. Then along come your parents, and all of society, who naturally do everything possible to prolong your life completely contrary to the wishes of the Soul. Your life might be prolonged, but upon returning from this life cycle the Soul says, “Oh no, now I have to redo the whole thing again; I have to go back next time for six years because I didn’t do it this time.” People find it very difficult to understand that each of us has a proper destiny. If you could truly understand it and follow it through, everything would be fine.

Some people who are more evolved actually know when they will die. The Yogīs, Saints and people who are tuned in to the Soul level know precisely that they are going to live a long life or a short life, and they even know how they are going to die. Jesus had already decided that He was going to live a short life; He died at the age of thirty-three. He didn’t need to die at that time, but before incarnation He decided to do a quick work, a major reshuffle of the planetary energies, then to go out and have better experiences in another place. The Buddha lived to ninety years of age. He had already decided before incarnating that He was going to spend forty or forty-five years of His life teaching the masses, and He lived according to that particular length of time that the Soul decided.

So you have an appropriate plan of how long you are going to live, but because you are not in touch with the Soul you cannot see this plan. Sometimes, however, you can feel that it is time for you to go, and sometimes you can also feel when it is time for another person to go. You can actually feel that that person (maybe your husband, wife, child, or a friend or relative, or somebody you know) is going to die very soon, because you happen to tune into the person’s Soul-Consciousness, even if that person might not be able to tune into it. Sometimes it is also possible to know in advance how they are going to die.

The causes of death are always karmic—not only in the sense of individual Karma, but planetary Karma. Humanity has a massive Karma, so there is a choice of ways to die: accidents, heart attacks, cancer, or many others. What is important is not the way you die but the fact that you have to die. It is compulsory for you to liberate yourself from this restricting, limiting condition and to move on to the next dimension; otherwise you become crystallized.

The Soul is joyful when you die, because finally you can breathe. When you return to the Astral World you have a much larger life, a much larger life-force. It is a liberating process and you feel a sense of freedom, happiness and joy. That is why nobody should be afraid of death because it is a return to a larger condition.

No Need to Fear Death

Because of materialistic consciousness many think that all there is to life is what they see, feel, hear and touch, so consequently people are often afraid of death. If you don’t know that you existed before and that it is natural to exist afterward, if you don’t know that life itself is eternal and that you are part of the eternal Life-Stream, then of course you are afraid of death.

One reason why many people are afraid of death is that they feel they will become disconnected from their friends or loved ones. You are not losing your loved ones when you die; on the contrary, you are connecting more strongly with them.

When you are out of your physical body, your total sense of awareness is within your astral body, which feels a thousand times more strongly than when the physical body was blocking it. On the other side you will be able to pick up everybody’s feelings far more intensely than in normal life, so this is why it is important for people who are alive in the physical body to not generate negative emotions towards those who have died. The astral body is a tremendous sensory mechanism and the deceased become affected by the emotions of the living (unless they are very advanced and are able to deal with the impressions). If someone is depressed, they will feel it; if someone is happy, they will feel it. The fact to remember is that they are registering emotions more strongly than ever.

What Happens When You Die?

When you die you simply step out of your physical body and find yourself exactly as you were before. You are no different, because the physical body is not you. Your sense of “I”, your feeling nature and your thinking process, have no relation to your physical body at all. When you step out of your body and enter the astral dimension, you still feel exactly as you felt before and you still think exactly as you thought before—you are exactly as you were before, without the slightest change. You might see your physical body as being strange and wonder, who on earth is that person? But as an entity you have not changed. It is important to understand this, because it is another false idea that when you die you somehow become different. You only become different by changing yourself before death, not afterwards.

What you think when you die or what you feel when you die gives you an indication of what you are going to be on the other dimensions, according to the Law of Attraction. If you die in a state of absolute anger, hate, violence or fear, then naturally you will go to the regions of the astral dimension that resonate with those vibrations. The Astral World is a vast world of vibrating energies and each energy has its own wavelength. Fear has its own wavelength; anger has its own wavelength; violence, hate and ignorance have their own wavelength. It is how you feel and how you think when you die that determines your fate.

The Astral World has seven subplanes, each of which vibrates to a certain frequency, and as an average or normal person (not an Adept, Master or Saint) you go to the region that suits your emotional condition. If you were habitually angry all of your life and the vibration of anger is strong in your astral body, then when you die you will go to a lower region of the Astral World where anger is a stable vibration. If you were joyful and happy, then you will go to an upper region of the Astral World where joy and happiness are the normal vibration. If you were an artist, for instance, and were always experiencing beautiful, inspired feelings and creative energies, then naturally you will experience the upper regions of the Astral World where the feelings are very refined.

In other words, nobody is going to tell you where to go. There is no Being or God on the other side who punishes you in any way, who says you were bad so you go down, or you were good so you go up. It is just the Law of Universal Nature at work. After death you are automatically attracted to the condition that matches your vibration.

That Law also works the same way in this world. You may notice that you are often attracted to people with whom you are able to sympathize. Your astral body and the other person’s astral body are similar, so you are attracted to each other, even in this world. In the afterlife this is totally, one hundred percent the Law: whatever the state of your emotional body, you attract to yourself that particular vibration. And in the Inner Worlds there is every possible vibration, from the densest darkness to the most exalted feelings of joy and happiness—it is all there in graded vibration.

(Excerpt from “The Mystery of Death” in The Journey Within (Pg 82-88)

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Death

  1. Ildiko says:

    My mother just died a month ago. Peacefully, in her sleep. She had the disease of Alzheimer, we couldn’t communicate for years. When she died, I saw her in my dream, dancing in the Sun, free and very happy, finally liberated. I believe that what Imre says is true. I didn’t lose her when she died, I’m connecting more strongly with her. Of course, I miss her, but I’m also happy that she can move on. The teaching of Imre really helps me to see life differently.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Ildiko. I feel even more close to my parents than ever before and both have already died. In whatever World my parents are in, I feel that their love for each other is exactly where it needs to be and I feel both of them with me in very interesting ways. There is no limit to the ways the Father and Mother manifest to us.

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