Monthly Archives: July 2017

Each of us is a Living Soul, existing in a radically different reality to this one. You, as a Living Soul, live in a Soul world. You can call it the Causal Worlds—very refined, high frequency, semi-Light, semi-material worlds. You live as a Living Soul in these worlds. But you also have a personality that […]

When the medical profession (or any profession) says that the physical is the only thing (a materialistic view) and tries to base all solutions on that, it’s like trying to run a car on one wheel. Have you ever tried to run a car on one wheel? It can be done but it is rather […]

Why people are not spiritual or why the average person is not connected to Reality is because they are not connected to the Heart. They are connected to the Head. They work through the brain all the time: the reasoning, logical, calculating mind or intellect. They are not connected to the Heart therefore they cannot […]

The way the Cosmos is made up and the way we are made up determines the design of the whole Spiritual Path, which is actually based on how the Cosmos functions and how we function in the Cosmos. That is the reason why the Spiritual Path is so difficult. If an easier process could have […]

Most people want to be happy. And of course most people have no idea where to look for happiness. They usually look for happiness in money or in material things, thinking that those things will make them happy. But if you look at the lives of rich people you will see that they are not […]