The Way of Happiness is the Way of Light

Most people want to be happy.

And of course most people have no idea where to look for happiness. They usually look for happiness in money or in material things, thinking that those things will make them happy. But if you look at the lives of rich people you will see that they are not necessarily happy; they are often miserable. The poor are also miserable, and so are the in-betweens. It seems that being miserable is just a fact of life. The reason for this is simply that people are looking for happiness in the wrong places.

If you look for happiness in the world you will never find it.

Of course, the great Saints and enlightened Sages and Teachers have been telling Mankind for the last ten thousand years not to look for happiness in the world, but people still do that. Nothing of the world will give you happiness. Full stop. So the question arises: If you can’t be happy in the world, how can you be happy? The answer is: the Way of Happiness is the Way of Light.

Basically, everybody is unhappy because they do not have enough Light-Energy or Light-Vibration inside them. When you have Light inside you, you are happy, bubbling over with happiness. Happiness is actually how much Light-Energy is sparkling inside you. You can be completely uneducated, completely destitute and poor, but if you have Light inside you, you are full of joy and happiness. In other words, depression, anger, violence, negative feelings, bad moods, attachment to the miserable situations of life—they are all redeemed by the Light inside you. That Light can help you remain stable even amongst the worst worldly situations.

It is important to understand that the world is coming apart; it is changing rapidly and not necessarily in a happy direction. Increasingly, there are going to be struggles and problems in the world, and you need to have Light so that you are not affected by the coming changes. During the Second World War, and also during past and present dictatorships, whenever people were jailed or tortured because they were against the system, there were always some who managed to preserve their sanity because they had the Light inside them. I’m talking about a large amount of Light, when the Light is really functioning inside you, when the sheer, bright radiance of the Light is so overwhelming that it overcomes any negativity inside and outside you. Whatever happens in the world, you will be happy, because nothing can stop that all-conquering Light from bubbling like a fountain of joy inside you.

Light is the Soul Connection.

The problem with people is that the Soul is not strong enough to control the personality; the Soul is not in command of the personality. So the idea is to connect the personality to the Soul. This connection has nothing to do with outer circumstances. You don’t have to be successful in art, business, politics or science to connect with your Soul. Outer worldly success is relative; you can do it or not do it; it’s your choice. But it has nothing to do with your Soul. Nothing you do in the world has anything to do with your Soul. So what is this connection? It is Light. That’s why you need to have more and more Light inside you, because only the Light can connect you to your Soul. Why? Because the Soul is Light (your Soul is made of pure Light) and only Light attracts Light.

The personality is made of matter. Now, matter is also Spirit—everything is Spirit—but matter is of a low-frequency vibration, much lower in vibration than your Soul. This is why people are not normally aware that they are Souls. Seven billion people are focused on the personality level, which is a materialistic energy-field of a certain vibration, but the Soul vibrates in a field of Light, and there’s no connection between the two.

You have to make a conscious, intelligent connection; you have to work and increase that connection, and then the personality will slowly diminish until only the connection with the Soul remains. Then you are on the Way of Light. Then you really understand why the great Saints and Masters only talked about the connection to the Soul, not about personal development or how to get rich and famous. Why? Because the Soul lives in a world of Light, a world of absolute Joy, absolute Bliss, absolute Happiness, absolute Love—everything that you have ever wanted; there is nothing that you desire which is not in the world of the Soul.

The larger objective is not only for you to connect to your own Soul individually but also for humans to connect en masse to the Soul of Humanity. For the past six thousand years, in every country, East, West, North and South, people worked for their own Salvation. It was normal to disconnect from the world and look for your Salvation by whatever means and knowledge you had. Buddha did it and the ancient Prophets of the East and West did it. But the situation has changed: we no longer seek Salvation only for ourselves but for Humanity, for the planetary life, the planetary consciousness itself.

In this day and age, unfortunately, everything goes through the mind. Those who are educated in psychology, philosophy, science and other fields try to find solutions to all problems through their mind. It is all a field of mental activity that is perfectly natural for the way human beings have evolved until now, but it does not qualify them to enter the Kingdom of the Light, no matter how clever they are, because the Light is of a different quality from the mind. The mind is just part of one’s personality: it is still materialistic, still the vibration of Matter. The Light is a much higher vibration, a subtle, fine energy, and the only way you can connect your personality with the Light is through the Light itself. There is no other way. Mind cannot do it, emotions cannot do it, physical vitality cannot do it—nothing can do it but Light itself.

The important thing is that you must gather Light. At a certain point the Light becomes irreversible: it shines inside you all the time, twenty-four hours a day, undisturbed by what you do or do not do. Whether you are sick or healthy, happy or not happy makes no difference; circumstances will not change the Light inside you.

Excerpts from The New Heaven and The New Earth (Pg 91-95)

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