The Heart is the Centre of Your Being

Why people are not spiritual or why the average person is not connected to Reality is because they are not connected to the Heart. They are connected to the Head. They work through the brain all the time: the reasoning, logical, calculating mind or intellect. They are not connected to the Heart therefore they cannot feel life.

Once you connect to the Heart you begin to feel something else. The Heart Centre is the very centre of your being. Once you feel the Heart and act through the Heart it’s a totally different kind of experience than acting through the head. It’s like Heaven and Earth—completely and utterly different.

The centre of the human being is the Heart Chakra.

It is also the centre of any entity, whether an atom, a human being, an angel, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy or whatever. In every entity there is a Heart Centre. What is amazing is that if you contemplate your own Heart, which is your Spiritual Centre, you notice the energies which flow from above. The Heart Centre is the repository of spiritual energies from above and this is important to know in order to understand what the Heart is about.

If you are not connected to the Heart you are not connected to the spiritual energies above and this is why people are not Spiritual. Unless you connect to the Heart you cannot become Spiritual in the true sense of the word because you have no connection to that other source. Into the Heart Centre flow all the energies from the higher powers and Spiritual Consciousness. As you connect to it there comes a down rush of the spiritual energies: the Mother aspect, the Holy Spirit, the Father aspect, the pure Light, Sound and so on. You must awaken the Heart Centre so that you may be able to receive spiritual energies.

Furthermore, all the lower energies should be raised up into the Heart Centre. All these lower centres of your being should be turned upwards towards the Heart and spiritualized into the Heart. Before you can become a man or woman of God, a child of God in the true sense of the word, you need to transmute the energies of the lower centres and absorb them into the Heart. Again, once you start functioning from the Heart Centre, all the superior energies will start flowing down into the Heart. The Heart Centre is the basis, the beginning of the highest spiritual development. From the Heart the way opens up inwardly towards the higher centres.

There is the physical, the psychic and then the Spiritual Heart.

The first thing is to awaken the Psychic Heart which you will experience as a tremendous fiery energy inside you. It is symbolically portrayed as fire coming from the Heart. As you go deeper into the Heart you begin to see radiance, a White Light, a pure scintillating Light. When you awaken to that it is then possible for you to connect to some of the other higher energies and then the superior centres start to control you.

When the ancient Masters like Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, they meant that through this centre you can feel It on a practical level, not as an idea but as an experience.

The Soul manifests to you in the Heart Centre. It doesn’t mean that the Soul is limited to the Heart Centre but it is the first and the most sure point where you can connect to it. The Soul can exist outside of its body (its physical manifestation) in its own dimension but if you want to be quickly in touch with your Soul Nature you touch it through the Heart.

If you want to know about a Guru, a teaching or spiritual reality, ask your Heart not your brain. Don’t use the brain to work it out. “He is good-looking so he must be a good Guru”, or “He is bad-looking so he cannot be a good Guru.”  Don’t make evaluations on an intellectual basis. The intellect deceives. It goes by whatever ideas you have about how something should be. You may have an idea of what a Guru should or shouldn’t be. It is just an idea which does not necessarily have any reality whatsoever.

The Heart works with a more direct, more inward and real energy than the mind.

It is on a deeper level than the mind. When you are in the presence of the Guru, let your Heart open and it will immediately take in the energy from the Guru and know whether it is right or wrong. If the Guru is genuine you feel that everything is well and you feel at home, safe, protected. You feel love. If the Guru is not genuine, however, you feel that something is wrong; you feel an unease, disquiet, fear, negativity or an upset feeling. If you go to a Guru, don’t make judgements on physical things: what they look like, their habits, what they do or don’t do or the way they speak.

The transmutation of the Heart is to come to know your Heart as an emotional, feeling experience. Beyond emotion and feeling it is a psychic experience and beyond the psychic experience it is a Spiritual experience. Spiritual Revelation awaits you. Within this, you will realize that the Kingdom of God is within you.


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