The Four Wheels of the Personality

When the medical profession (or any profession) says that the physical is the only thing (a materialistic view) and tries to base all solutions on that, it’s like trying to run a car on one wheel. Have you ever tried to run a car on one wheel? It can be done but it is rather difficult. The personality runs on four wheels: you have a physical body; an etheric-physical body, which is your vital body; an astral body, your feeling nature; and a mental body, or your mind. You are a car running on four wheels. So if you want to keep your car running you have to maintain the health of your physical body, your etheric body, your astral body and your mental body.

Remember, this is not You; it is your personality, the car you are driving around in this world.

The health systems in every country do not acknowledge the other three wheels of the car, let alone the Soul within, the spiritual entity you are, and let alone the Divine Spark, your Spiritual Source.

So the human personality is composed of the physical body and its vibrations and qualities, the so-called genes, cells, and so on. You also have an invisible etheric body, which is technically what we call the vital force. This is not a myth; it is as real as electricity or any other physical force. The ancient Greeks called it Pneuma and the ancient Romans, Spiritus. Spiritual Warriors on the path to enlightenment use it, drawing the etheric vital force out of the environment, and so do some healers. So-called prana-healers and people who lay hands on the sick use the etheric force from the environment or from a plant or from within themselves. Nowadays, of course, we don’t believe in such “nonsense” as a vital force; that idea was chucked out in the nineteenth century.

You also have an astral body, which is your emotional body.

Again, materialists think that emotions are simply changes in your brain cells or your nervous system. Yes, the brain reacts to everything you do, but the brain is not the cause. Materialists think that the brain is the cause of everything. (There’s no use talking to them because they will not admit any possibility beyond their view of life. They will force every explanation into that view and refuse to acknowledge that there can be a larger view.)

Healing has to do with harmonizing the four wheels of your car, because they are all continually interacting with each other. For instance, you may be lucky to be born with a healthy physical body because your mom and dad had good genes. But if you have negative emotions all the time, if you get angry or depressed or feel sorry for yourself, you will still get sick, no matter how good your genes are. Similarly, if you overwork your mind it will affect your emotions and your physical body and your vitality. And if you are one of those super active people who do extreme sports, you overuse your etheric vital body. If you exhaust your vital body you will exhaust your physical body. This is because your mental body, astral body, vital body and physical body are structures and therefore have limitations. So if you abuse any one of them it affects the others.

All four wheels of your car work together, influencing one another all the time: the wrong kinds of emotions will affect your mind, your vital body and your physical body; the wrong kinds of thoughts will affect your emotional body, physical body and vital body; and the wrong kinds of energies will impact on all your bodies, no matter where the abuse is or where you are overusing or wrongly using the energy. The wrong use of any body will affect the others because the car is driven on four wheels, simultaneously; a car has to have all four wheels turning at the same time.

There are many people in the health field, some working on the physical body level, some on the emotional level and some on the mind level, but it does not matter what healing profession you belong to, you must consider all four wheels of the person. Doctors nowadays specialize in parts of the body, which is rather unfortunate because they are limiting their view of life.

They look at smaller and smaller parts of the picture, and within that narrow view they are all correct, but the problem is that they do not have the larger vision. It is only in the alternative medicine field that there are healers who believe that a human being is actually more than a physical body and they need to treat the whole person—the mental nature, the emotional nature, the vitality nature and of course the physical body. That is, they have the vision that they should treat people in a more holistic or comprehensive way to attain health. They try to heal people by telling them about breathing properly so their vital body will be healthy, about not having negative emotions and about right thinking and having the right understanding of life.

The Personality and the Soul.

The Soul, the Self within you, is covered by four layers, or structures—the “four wheels of the personality”—the mental body, the emotional body, the vital body and the physical body. We have these bodies simply so that we can be in touch with their corresponding worlds. The physical body enables us to see things, hear things and register things in the physical dimension. The astral body enables us to see things, hear things and register things in the astral dimension after we die. And the mental body enables us to think and connect to thought processes in the mental dimension. But in themselves these bodies are not geared to lead you to awareness of yourself as a Soul in the Causal World; they are simply geared for you to function in their corresponding realms, and that is all they do. You can be physically conscious for two million years and you will not experience yourself as a Soul through your physical consciousness.

To experience who you really are, that shining Self with all the miraculous possibilities of Higher Consciousness, you have to make a conscious effort to withdraw your attention from the outside and start to go within. That is why you have to meditate.


Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior ~ The Timeless Path to Enlightenment  (Pg11-14, Ch2 and Postscript Pg35)


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