Everything You Do Counts

Everything you do counts if you do it selflessly as an act of charity or genuine love.

The secret of death is that at the moment you die you are simply a summary of all the things you’ve done in your life. The result of all activities is summarized into one single state of consciousness which marks where you can go or where your limit is in the after death conditions. There are many after death conditions.

If you worked with low key vibrations or your life-force was at a low or primitive level, naturally at the moment of your death your consciousness crystallizes at a primitive level and you are transferred to a primitive after-life. Then you are born again into a primitive condition. This is how the law works.

If you’ve developed meditation techniques where you can put yourself into higher frequency vibrations then at the moment of death that condition becomes crystallized and by the same Law of Karma you are transferred onto the higher state or condition. The highest crystallized state you attained before the moment of death or at the moment of death is the natural condition to which you go afterwards.

You can’t add anything in the after death conditions but simply act out what you have already gathered, harnessed or done in this lifetime. Even if you perfect one meditation technique amongst all the many it will give you a possibility of entrance to a higher life.

Although there are specific techniques where you learn to transfer yourself into different states of consciousness—called passageways or gates to Light—the ultimate gateway is your life itself, the total transformation of your consciousness which builds up before the point of your death. It is the totality of all your activity, thoughts, feelings, desires, moods, meditations, experiences—everything which you have done in a lifetime builds up into a crescendo or to a point. This is your final answer or possibility.

Even if you didn’t succeed in getting to Nirvāṇa, if you did many small things, your attitude moment by moment was for service and your life revolved around the Spiritual Path, every act is cumulative and in the end builds to a crescendo and a large result. At the moment of death this becomes one cumulative reality and throws you onto the level where you can express yourself best from that particular point of view.

The biggest consciousness growth is the service or helpfulness aspect, helpfulness towards Creation and towards the totality of the Tree of Life. If that is within you, you grow very rapidly.

If your whole life switches and turns to the idea that you serve the Divine and in this lifetime you are going to attain the highest state possible for you, then because you have this condition inside you all the time, every little thing will help along the way and build up into the tremendous event. At the moment of your death your judgement already is; you know at the moment of your death how much you have grown, what is your possibility, what is your final verdict, how far you have gone on the path and what is the next step.

When you throw yourself into helping someone it dynamically grows your consciousness.

Don’t underestimate action because in action comes a tremendous process of renewal and change. The power of action is unbelievable. There is power in being abstract but there is power in being in a field of action. Both are necessary.

Don’t become discouraged. Those of you who are busy doing other things, find time to do the passive meditations but realize that you are not missing out because you are active and turn that action itself into the path of meditation. In the Bhagavad Gita, the ultimate book on Yoga, the theme is to turn the path of action into a Divine Realization. Act where you are and God will come to you. Act but act with the consciousness of the Divinity within you. If you act purely selfishly then you might as well forget it and become a monk or a nun. For a path of action you act with the Divinity within you or the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, within you. If you do that every act becomes a meditation.

In the path of Kabbalah everything you do is a meditation. Gardening is a meditation, washing dishes is a meditation, chanting is a meditation and abstract meditation is a meditation. Everything you do, alive or dead, dreaming or awake is one continuous meditation. It is the path of Western Mysticism and the path of the Sufi, Zen and anybody that follows the practical approach to Divinity or the Path.

Everything you do counts if you do it selflessly as an act of charity or genuine love. Then it is a pure act of meditation. If you do something purely selfishly, at the moment of death the content of selfishness will remain and you will not be able to switch over to the higher consciousness which was available for you. That’s how simple it is. At the moment of death if your consciousness is pure and unpolluted by the self inside you then naturally you will travel to the higher worlds. But if it’s dragged down by selfish considerations then you’ve chosen yourself a place in the Astral World. There are many regions in the Astral World and that’s where you would go together with people who are also like that. It’s a law of the inner worlds which cannot be broken. The structure of the inner worlds is simply to follow out a particular pattern of law. Whatever you are in terms of consciousness you will stay there, that’s your environment, the condition you made for yourself.

You must go through a fundamental change and the fundamental change is, “I am yours, Divine; make use of me. I am yours Spirit; make use of me. I dedicate all my life to you.” When you have made this fundamental change then everything you do is in the service of the Divine, even your own meditation. You say to the Spirit, “I’m meditating because I want to be more in touch with you” or when you do something you say, “I’m trying to help you to manifest Creation.”

The Kabbalistic Teachers have a close rapport with the Divine, almost like a friendship if you like. But they also have a close rapport or friendship with all of Creation. They do not see a difference between the Creator and the Creation or the outer manifestation and the Spirit within. To them it is the same. To them every outer thing is just a reflection of the Spirit within.

Everything you do is in the service of the Spirit.

It may be a most trivial act but it makes no difference because if it’s in the service of the Spirit there is the Light of the Spirit inside it. If you have this sort of attitude towards life you’ll make a good Kabbalist. You will understand this mysterious process and how everything becomes a gate of Light, a gate to Light.

Everything you do, every exercise, every outer and inner act, every communication is a path back to the Divine. Then your life is full, rich and amazing. It’s full of inspiration, joy, amazing openings and possibilities. It’s an endless opening and endless possibility in all dimensions in every sense of the word.

So the inspiration I want to give to you is not to separate actions. Do not say that you only did this and not that, were good at this and not at that. Do not say that one thing is holy and the other is not holy. Everything you do is of the Holy Spirit. If you can realize that and do it then you make the great switch or fundamental change, and things will open up inside you to infinite possibilities. All small things you do will add together.

When you follow the Western Path you are likely very busy with family, work, helping others and have little time to do many abstract meditations. Find as much time as you can to do the abstract meditations but the fact that you have the right attitude to life and your actions are of selfless service, is in itself a tremendous meditational process. It will compensate for other things you may lack.



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