The Spirit Within

All the great religions say that you are more than the mind and body. You are a spiritual living entity, a spirit living in a different dimension beyond time and space.

There is a part of you which is eternal, undying, immortal, timeless, boundless, and in every measure beautiful and perfect. This is what we call the Spirit within us.

Unless you intellectually realise that you are an eternally Immortal Soul, then of course you will not have any reason to seek the Kingdom of God within you. When we are materialistic and believe that we are only just a body that dies and after that there is nothing else, just a big blank, then there is not much point seeking the Kingdom of God. It’s not very rational to do so because there is nothing afterwards.

But if you realize that you are an Immortal Spirit, a boundless, spaceless, timeless being, then the idea of the Kingdom of God makes sense. Then you think if you are an Immortal Spirit you must use your lifetime to connect to the immortal region inside you which lives in the Spiritual Kingdom, in the Kingdom of the Divine Being or Divine Consciousness.

Jesus called it the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is simply the innermost part of the Universe, the innermost part of yourself. What is outside also has inner correspondence. We are a body, a mind and a Soul and the Universe is a body, a mind and a Soul.

When people look for happiness in life it is elusive until they have the right idea of what they are looking for. If you function down on the physical body level, you will never find total happiness because it’s not possible. This part of Creation is perishable. It was meant to be like that. Everything comes and goes. There is nothing permanent here. Therefore there is nothing permanent you can build up.

People have the illusion that they are going to stay here forever. Everyone from the time they are born to the time they die is always building up this world, getting more material things, building up this and building up that, holding on to this and holding on to that, as if they are going to settle down here for all eternity. They are not going to settle down here. In fact, life is very short here and everything will be taken away.

People try to become happy by building up the material environment around them with bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger jobs, bigger everything, in the belief that the more you have, the happier and more stable you will become inside your consciousness. This is a false dream because no matter what you get you will not be stable inside your consciousness when you function on an outer level. Inner stability comes when we start moving up to the other dimensions of consciousness. When you reach at least the level of the Spirit or the Causal dimension then your consciousness becomes stabilized. Then you know yourself to be an immortal, eternal being, no longer reliant and dependent on physical things.

It is a tremendous psychological switch when you realize that you exist beyond your body, beyond your mind and beyond the death condition. Even the so-called spirits of the dead or the dead people are simply in the psychic dimension. You know yourself to exist even beyond that condition.

This in itself will completely change the value of life inside you. Everything which you thought was important will become less important. Realizing that you are a spiritual entity is the important thing. The inner beingness of you is the important thing not your outer circumstances. You discover in this great journey of life that when you die you will come face to face with the Spirit, which in modern literature is sometimes called the Being of Light.

When you recognize that the Divine Presence is everywhere and manifests through every one of us and throughout the whole of Creation, you want to modify your life according to that knowledge. If you realize that Creation is a manifestation of the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit to put it in Christian language, then you have a different attitude towards it. You put more love towards human people, more love towards the Animal Kingdom, more love towards the Planet Earth, more love towards the stars. Why? Because they are a manifestation of the Deity. In the moment we put out more love we grow. We switch our energy voltage inside and our consciousness lights up inside.

You can see clairvoyantly that when people love a Light shines inside them, not symbolically but actually. Similarly if you gather real knowledge, not knowledge about outer things but knowledge about the Spirit, knowledge about the Kingdom of God, knowledge about eternal values, that knowledge purifies you inside and makes you shine inside.

At the end of our term when we come to face the Being of Light within us, which we all have to do, immediately the mirror is held in front of us. It is the mirror of Knowledge and the mirror of Love. This is where we pass or fail the test.

Jesus said that in the Kingdom of God you are only as great as the Love Power inside you. He gave many examples about loving your neighbour and he meant it in a real way not in a mushy way. He meant that when you really love a Light shines inside you.

That Light can be seen in the Kingdom of God within. If you loved and acted greatly, then when you enter the Kingdom of God the Light shines before you and you will be received well. This illustrates what Jesus meant when he said that according to the Light you shine in front of you is the reward you have in the Kingdom of God. He was not speaking of symbols but of very real things.

The Light is real. The Kingdom of God is real. We as Souls are real. There is nothing symbolic about it; it is real.

If you sing a beautiful song it activates the Light energy inside you and as a result you become a more loving being; you radically transform your life and your environment. If you put the Light energy into your environment, into your work, into your home, wherever you are, the Light will go out into the world. Therefore the Kingdom of God spreads as a form of Light into this Earth.


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