The Science of the Universal Life-Force


Most people do not know that around us there is a tremendous life force, an ocean of life-energy. Just like a fish lives in the ocean, from the ocean and within the ocean, we live in, from and within this energy-field.  This great ocean of life-energy is a radiant, vibrating power that gives life to every living thing, that makes the ants move, the birds fly, the bumble bees sting you, the flowers grow. It is the One Life-Force that permeates all Creation, all the Seven Great Planes of Being from the subatomic particles of the Physical World to Nirvana and beyond.

The Ancients realized that human beings, by nature, are limited in life-force. Why? Because our connection to the Universal Life-Force is limited. They also knew that every entity in Creation has as much of that life-force as he or she or it can get in touch with, and the secret knowledge of the Ancients was how to get in touch with the Universal Life-Force, which is the Breath of God, the very Life of God, and draw more life-energy into their systems. And I don’t mean just physical life-force but also emotional life-force, mental life-force and the life of the Soul—one’s total beingness.


The Science of Using the Life-Force

The ancient Warriors were focused on how to discover the life-force and use it. In China, there were two great warrior schools: the Shaolin Monastery and the Wudan Monastery. In the Shaolin School they used the life-force to strengthen the power of the physical body. In the Wudan School they developed miraculous powers like flying through the air by tapping into the subtle psychic regions of the life-force.

In India the yogis used the life-force for many purposes: to levitate, to perform miracles, to heal. And the ancient Hebrew Kabbalists used the same life-force, calling on the names of God, because to them a divine power was an expression of a name of God. In the Tibetan Bonpo arts and in Chinese Taoism, and in the Mystery Schools of all the ancient races, they were after the same secret: how to expand their life-force and be able to do more, express themselves more, live more and be more; how to use the life-force to evolve and progress spiritually.

Nowadays it is obvious that the average person is not progressing at all. People are born with a certain amount of life-energy and they live with that energy until they die. They are not taught in school or anywhere else that they can actually increase their life-force—on all levels. I’m not talking about physical life only: I’m talking about the life of your mind, to make your mind illumined; the life of your emotions, to feel the cosmic harmony around you; the life of your Soul, to become more radiant and divine and god-like.

So this knowledge was prevalent all over the ancient world and people were practising techniques aimed at developing aspects of this tremendous Life-Power. And then came the Piscean Age. During the last 2,160 years people forgot about that science because they were focused on internal illumination, escaping from the lower worlds, the physical, psychic and mental dimensions, into the purely spiritual heights of the Buddhic Plane and the Nirvanic Plane, where miraculous powers are not necessary. Since the emphasis was on escaping, naturally the science of using the life-force in this lower Creation was forgotten.

But now in this Aquarian Age, which is the complete opposite of the Piscean Age, the science of using the life-force is going to be revived. And we are starting that revival. It will be a science again in this age, which is practical and down-to-earth, and it will develop the body, the mind, the emotions, the total personality. It will be taught to increasingly larger numbers of people until it becomes a major science about how to extend the life-force and how to invoke the Divinity in manifestation, not in abstraction. In the Buddhic World or the Nirvanic World you meet God-Transcendent, the Transcendental Deity; but when you bring the Life-Force down to the personality level, you meet God-Immanent, God-in-Incarnation, the aspect of God that is right here with us.

This knowledge will increasingly come to be rediscovered over the next one or two hundred years, and people working in Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and other esoteric exercise systems will especially understand that it is not the physical exercises that are important; the real goal is to awaken the life-force and to be able to use it. For what? For self-evolution, for evolving yourself intelligently and consciously from point A to point B.

In other words, this will become a science of self-evolution, and as part of that, the evolution of Humanity, because nobody is an island, as you know. If a person attains a skill or a degree of mastery over anything in life, they make that possibility available to all of Humankind.

For example, if you take a kitten away from its mother and other cats, it will still lick its fur and sharpen its claws and behave like a cat as if it had undergone training for years. It will know how to catch a mouse, how to do everything an adult cat does, without any instruction. What this shows is that within the subconscious mind of the cat, the whole plan of being a cat is already programmed, because other cats did those things before.

The lesson here for human beings is that when a person discovers something or learns to do something, that knowledge gets transferred to the human subconscious mind and becomes common to the human family. That is to say, whatever humans have done in the past is already within your subconscious mind—even something you have never done before—but it has to be awakened.


Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Pages 59-62)

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