What Is Love and Wisdom?

Love is a quality of the Heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor; your ability to give is not dependent on your wealth. Very often, poor people think, “Oh, I cannot help people because I have no money!” But in fact, money has no relevance to helpfulness at all. You can be the poorest person, possessing absolutely nothing, but if your Heart is expanded towards another person— a person who is suffering or who requires your attention—and your Heart is totally in it, then that is Love. Even if you didn’t give a single cent, the reward is instantaneous, the divine transformation has occurred. Your loving action is noticed and registered instantaneously by the Being of Light within you.

Love is an attitude of Inner Consciousness; it is not what you give outwardly. Love is the way you are. It is what comes out of you, what actually dwells in your Heart in any given circumstance. This is where you will be tested by the Being of Light (the Divine Spirit, that ultimate Ruling Principle of your Soul over an eternity of lifetimes) when you die. It is your Heart that is tested; not your outer action, but what is behind the outer action.

Jesus was trying to teach his pupils examples from real life. He also told the story about a person travelling to another town who was robbed and beaten to the ground. Along came a rich person on his donkey who, as did many others, looked at the mugged person and just carried on. Then came along a very poor person with a good Heart, and he picked the man up, took him home and fed him. And Jesus said, “That is Love”.

Jesus also gave the example of a man in prison whose friend came to visit him. In this parable, notice that Jesus didn’t say that this guy was in prison and the friend came along and gave him one thousand shekels and therefore everyone was happy! No, Jesus just said, “He came and visited him.” The act of visiting, consoling and nourishing him was the loving deed—not bringing money or anything else. It was the Heart-to-Heart connection. Again, Jesus was trying to illustrate the fact that Love is an attitude of the Heart. It is the way you are towards human beings, towards animals, towards all of Creation, towards God. It has nothing to do with wealth or prestige, power or position, name or fame. It is the simple acts you do through the power of Love that are registered in Eternity. It is how you are. What we have to learn in this lifetime is to just be ourselves in Lovingness.

This Love is the same as true healing energy. For instance, you may go to a doctor who works only for money, and because he has no loving Heart he prescribes you something and you go away and feel nothing. Another time you may visit a doctor who is truly concerned about you—that is, his Heart Chakra is awake and sending out loving vibrations— and you come away from that doctor feeling really good! This is another example that Love is the Heart energy-vibration that you give out to others. At the moment of death, your destiny is immediately determined by the growth of Love within your Heart.

So I encourage you to express the power of Love in your life. It means that you turn your Heart towards the sufferer, whether it is your friend in hospital, a person in prison, a suffering animal or people suffering in another country. Whenever you are aware of suffering, let your Heart go out to it and a magical transformation will take place. In that moment you are in the presence of the Being of Light, and that moment is registered as if it was a solid object; it is never forgotten for all Eternity. And strangely enough, many of your other successful achievements will not even be registered.

You may be a sportsman who has trained for twenty years, and finally you manage to get to the top. You get your gold medal, everybody praises you, and when you meet the Being of Light after death it is not even considered—as if it never happened! But suppose, after achieving this great name and fame, you saw an injured dog, and you picked up this suffering dog and took it home. You nursed him, bandaged him, showed some Love towards him. That was registered! All that vast effort you put towards achieving worldly success is not even counted, but that little deed of helping the dog is immediately shining, clear and bright, in cosmic memory.

Love can be expressed through us with infinite variety and possibilities; it can be expressed through the most trivial thing. For instance, if there is a little bug on the ground, some people just squash it. But, if you are a loving person, you take the bug and put it aside so that nobody will walk on it. That action is registered because it shows that your Heart was sympathetic towards the existence of that little bug. That apparently trivial deed is actually important and is registered. So Love doesn’t require a huge charity ball. Real Love is these little things you do in life for others, for your family and friends, for the world at large, for anybody or anything you meet, whether it is a plant, a tree, an animal, a human being, an angel or God.

And what of Wisdom? Wisdom is the degree to which you respond correctly to the flow of events throughout your life. It is very different to the intellectual learning of worldly education—there is no textbook on it. Many people think they have acquired the quality of Wisdom because they have learned mathematics or nuclear physics at school or university. But that is not Wisdom! It is just learning. At the moment of death, intellectual knowledge is not even looked at; rather, the depth of your inner consciousness is probed. Wisdom is how your inner consciousness views life, how it registers the whole life process—both your internal changes and the relationship of your consciousness to everything outside yourself. It is something that has arisen between your Soul-connection and you as a personality through your loving acts in life.

The power of Love is cosmic and universal in all of Creation, hence it is reflected back upon us so that we also have this power of Love, Wisdom and Understanding within us. If God is Love, then there is only one real objective in existence for us, and that is to become Love.”

Excerpt from The Journey Within (Pages 94, 106-110)

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