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If you practice love as a mental exercise only, it won’t work.

New Agers can be very mental and hope to reorganize the world purely on a mental level—Love your neighbour; help the poor in Africa—with mental ideas. It won’t work because the love has to spring naturally from your Heart. A mental idea won’t work because people will accept it is a good idea but when something happens in their life they no longer think about love because it was just an idea. It has to be real. The love experience is always a Heart experience. Then you can really help. There are no ideas about it. You don’t think and agree in your mind whether you are going to do something or not. It’s a natural spontaneous outflow which comes from your being. This is the difference between the intense mental approach to life of the so-called New Age nowadays and the real Heart approach to life practised in the olden days for thousands of years. That was far more effective. It wasn’t just an idea that you should love somebody. It was a direct experience, the right thing for you to be and do.

This Aquarian Age is a very mental age in the sense that everything tries to organize through mental structure. Especially in the Aquarian cycle you have to focus back on the Heart. The ideas of love, brotherhood and helpfulness as a mental idea are fine but very quickly you are thrown off the beam by a bad experience, because it was just an idea and you won’t hold it. If your Heart is fiery and awake nothing will stop you from doing the right thing because it is the Heart’s desire; it is your innermost way to be.

From about the age of seventeen, Mother Teresa helped the destitute, dying and poor.

It wasn’t because she was a New Ager and decided it was a good idea that these people be helped. She was an intensely devoted Roman Catholic nun and joined one of the orders at an early age. She did a lot of Heart work and awakened the Heart. When her Heart was awakened, she immediately felt a need to do something with the tremendous energy and power inside her. She decided to go to India and help poor people there and the connection was made, her field of service was opened up and ever since then she was totally engaged in the Heart expression of the Universal Love Principle.  It was beyond an idea; it was the out-pouring of her Heart in a practical field of expression. It was the same with Saint Francis of Assisi and all the great Saints. They always worked through the Heart simply as the natural thing to do. The Heart demanded it be done. Don’t work the mental idea of doing things, because it is always unstable and you can be swayed from one idea to the next, from one person’s view to the next person’s view ad infinitum.

The Heart is always sure and safe; you never change because the Heart is always eternally radiating the same message, the pouring out and total helpfulness, loving kindness, being nice— all the positive, good, wholesome spiritual qualities; they are a natural quality of the Heart. You don’t have to think about it or weigh up what you should be doing in a situation; it flows spontaneously.

In this particular age we’re concentrating on mind development as a society. We should counterbalance this on a large scale by doing Heart work. The schools and universities should be teaching Heart work, because by the age of five or six children do nothing but mental exercises, memorizing facts and details, most of which are useless and will never be used. Then come the social problems with people wondering why society is in such a mess.  Well, it will be in a mess until people in large numbers work through the Heart. You have to teach children from an early age to work from the Heart. Then we will have a wonderful society, more compassionate, understanding and loving. The big dimension of the Heart is totally missing from the Western Hemisphere. This is a tragedy of society. In the past the Heart dimension was a very real thing and people lived from the Heart.

Sometimes you see very simple, uneducated people, peasant or country folk who naturally function spontaneously from the Heart. Over the years I have gone back to Eastern Europe and have seen the Heart functioning with people who have no knowledge of spiritual life, no knowledge of inner realities; nevertheless they’re incredible people; they work from the Heart; they’re right there where the need is yet they were never taught spiritual science. Their Heart Chakra is open because they are from a distant time of human consciousness. They’re better in one sense than many of the highly sophisticated modern human people in the so-called new worlds. It is the same when you go to the East or some of the undeveloped countries such as South-America. Many of the people are still focussed in the Heart. They may not have great intellectual knowledge but they are better human beings because they can sympathize and act through the Heart. We’re losing the Heart experience on a global scale.

Regain the Heart experience because it is the only thing that makes us human.

We have to instil the idea of living from the Heart not just as a mental idea but as the real Heart experience. There are some countries where there is endless tribal warfare and because of that the people are not capable of self-maintenance. They do not have the capability to work nature to serve the human need. Therefore they have endless famine and tragedy. There are people in the West motivated from the Heart to help but the tribal war stops the help coming to those who need it. There are two things in this situation: Because of the malfunctioning in the Heart there are endless tribal wars and people do not care for one other, and when an outside source with Heart action tries to help, they won’t allow that help because they cannot understand it. You cannot help them until they develop the Heart Chakra.

We send this message out of the Heart to people intelligent enough to take it and when there are a large number who can work with it, slowly it can filter into planetary consciousness. But the Planet will be in a mess until human beings start functioning from the Heart and the planetary Heart Centre is fully awakened. At the moment it’s blocked. I am talking about the Heart Chakra of Humanity. On a planetary scale it’s totally blocked. This is not helped at the moment because of the tremendous concentration on mental development. Mental development is good and gives another dimension of reality but we must root our whole being in the Heart, as individuals and as the Planet, otherwise the planetary problems will go on and on.

The concentration on the Heart is especially needed in these times because we’re moving into a rapidly mental age. As the centuries roll on, the mind will become even more dominant. People will work mental power and control, dominance, influence and subjugation of others. There will be incredibly, egoistical self-centred people using tremendous mental abilities for their own selfish ends and desires. And mankind will be in a further mess.

Excerpt from Western Mysteries 1424 Canada 1992

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