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There is a quote from the Bible “For as he thinketh in his Heart, so is he.” (Proverbs: 23–7)

For every story in the Bible only two per cent was narrated and taught, the other ninety-eight per cent was forgotten.  What was really meant was “As a man prays in his Heart, so he is.” This was an ancient technique handed down by the Prophets of old in ancient Israel, and what in the first seven centuries of Christianity was called the Mind and the Heart Prayer.  In those days they had the idea to join the Head or Mind with the Heart. This was the secret because for the ordinary person head thinking is completely disconnected from the Heart. The normal person thinks only in the Head. There’s a big gap between the Head and the Heart. The technique of Mind in the Heart, or prayer in the Heart, is a process to teach you to be able to think in the Heart. Once you think in the Heart, you attain the state of “As a man thinketh in his Heart, so he is.”

The result of bringing the Mind down into the Heart is Divine Fire. These are the ancient, profound Esoteric techniques practiced in the desert in the Old and New Testament times by the early Desert Fathers. Their main objective was to enable them to think in the Heart. They did it first by a simple exercise, taking a magic word, a name of God, a word of power and they started saying it in the Heart— thinking it in the Heart. As they awakened the Heart action, the Mind became accustomed to staying in the Heart. After several months of this practice, they suddenly discovered they were not even thinking in the Head anymore.


Learn to lead the Mind down into the Heart and there you can think by use of a Heart Prayer.

This means that you use a prayer, which is a thought. It’s a thought form about something. Instead of saying your thought as you normally would in your Head, you bring it down and say it in your Heart. This connects the Mind to the Heart. When you practice this for a while, you’ll be thinking in the Heart. The simplest way to the Heart is to learn to think in it with one sentence—your prayer. After awhile, the next magic happens that you feel your Mind is there and you are able to process all thought from the Heart. When you do that you feel Oneness with all things. You have this Oneness inside you which is a steady peacefulness or gentleness. It has many dimensions to it. Your salvation is already assured. You’re already walking the Path towards the Spiritual Kingdom. This is the real rebirth. The real rebirth is when your Mind can function in your Heart.


Immediately the sense of separation disappears inside you.

Everything you think becomes one and united with all things. You cannot hurt another person. The very thought of hurting someone is unimaginable to you because the Heart would not allow it. It would not be right. As your thought processes issue from the Heart, they take on the quality of the Heart, which is universal love, compassion and sympathy. When you do this you are radically transformed. Already you are a new creation. And this is only just the beginning of the Path.

We are trying to start you on the rebirth process into a spiritual kingdom. You cannot be reborn in the Spiritual Dimension until your Mind is able to function in the Heart. Sooner or later the Mind and the Heart have to be connected. Once you are able to think in the Heart rather than in the Head, your whole perspective of life will change. You develop a tremendous sense of justice, being at one with all things, being at one with the universal law of manifestation, the Universal Light, and you don’t want to break it. The Heart is the seal of Divine Consciousness. Within the Heart is the sensation which is at one with all things. If you have a hurtful thought towards someone else, you will feel it as a pain within your own Heart.


When your Mind is led into the Heart, you awaken to Divine Fire and the Holy Spirit starts acting inside you.

The Divine Fire is the action of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will not come until you complete this stage of the work. Nowadays we understand it as a scientific process. In the olden days, they didn’t. They didn’t know why or how it worked. Keep working at it intelligently and consciously until you find that you are able to do it as a natural process. It will change your view of life and your action in many things.

The first stage is to bring the Mind or the Head into the Heart, the first great connection to the Kingdom within. This is only the beginning of the Spiritual Path. The next stage is to take the Heart into the Head. Remember that during the work day you have to be centred and not worrying about these techniques. You have to be clear in your consciousness and clearly separate your activities. The idea of joining material activities and spiritual activities comes from the swamis of the East who have nothing else to do all day. Most Westerners have other things to do: making money, shopping for food, looking after families, working at jobs and driving cars. You can’t drive your car sixty miles an hour and repeat a mantra because you’ll likely have an accident. The idea that you should say your prayers all the time no matter what you do comes from Eastern teachers. This is a hundred per cent dangerous and a hundred per cent ineffective. For a Westerner, you must always concentrate on what you are doing. Once you’ve done your business deal or whatever, you can start your Heart Prayer.

A truth has to be agreed upon on the Heart level. You can present the biggest Truth to the mind and can argue about it for the next two million years and the mind still cannot accept it. Because the mind has already decided how something is. Never approach a truth principle through the mind. If you are given a truth principle take it into your Heart. The Heart will know. The Heart will immediately understand. The Heart will reject it, if it is not the Truth Principle. The Heart is unfailing as a source of spiritual guidance and understanding.


Excerpts from Western Mysteries 1992: Sessions 1434 and 1438

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