Time and the Vision of Your Own Eternity

Time us an artificial construct of your lower mind, produced by thought. If you ascend in Consciousness beyond the mental sphere, it is impossible for you to experience Time, to have the sense of a Past, for Reality is always felt as Now, this Moment, this second. And this Moment is ever New, uncluttered by the Past.

Past, Present and Future

Time the Past is infinite. Time the Future is infinite. The Universe is formed, dissolved and re-formed in an endless succession. But Eternity Is.

Time is Rhythm. There are rhythmic tides of ebb and flow in the material dimensions of the Universe; there are also psychic or subtler rhythms; and there are infinite Spiritual Tides of Eternity.

When the limitless numbers of self-conscious units in the vast Universe will function as One, in infinite complexity yet utter simplicity, this Creation will achieve Perfection for this Mahāmanvantara (Great Age or measureless Cycle of Time), and the Mahāpralaya (the Great Dissolution, or disappearance of the Universe) will begin.

Time past is infinite. Time future is infinite. The Universe comes and goes in an infinite series of successions, and so do You.
Memories fade away with the Cycles of Time.

Keep your attention focused in the Present, in the Here and Now. Don’t get lost in past memories, wounds and pains, nor in future hopes, imaginings and fears.

It is That which is before you Now.

We are all shaped by our Past, defined by our Past, but the Future is ours to create, Now.
The Past has only as much influence upon you as you allow it to have.

Why do people find it difficult to leave the Past behind? Why do they cling to it, hang onto it, clasp it tight? Why do they become so attached to past sufferings (real or imagined)? It gives them a sense of identity, a label, a designation, a category, a means by which they can explain away all the misfortunes in their lives. They like to consider themselves “victims” or “survivors” so they do not have to choose in the Moment and be responsible for their lives. Unless you let go of your past hurts, problems and mistakes (physical, emotional or mental), the door to your future remains tightly shut.
Remember that You as a Soul, are True, Beautiful, Good.

Today, Now, you are not what you were yesterday, or a year ago, or ten years ago, or a hundred years ago, for Life ever moves on inside You.

Just sit still and feel the Silence, Now.

Accepting your condition is accepting how things are for you Now. In this acceptance, there is Inner Freedom.
Make every Moment positive. Every Moment you have a choice to be positive or negative. Choose to be positive.
Being simply in the Moment is not to seek for something else, but just to experience What Is. Not seeking to escape from It, nor dwelling in the Past, nor wishing for the Future, but simply experiencing Now, as it Is. The worldly-minded do not understand this Principle.

Victim-consciousness is completely unnecessary. You need not cling to past hurts or memories, for you have the power of Choice, moment by moment. Make yourself free from the Past, Now.

If you get stuck on the idea that you have been victimized by someone in the Past, that you have been hurt, that your life has been ruined, this evil thought-feeling will generate for you endless negative circumstances and experiences, Now and in your Future. Change your attitude to the Openness of Life.

People who live in the Past feel nostalgia for the good times they had, and guilt, shame or anger for the evil times. People who live in the Future are full of expectations for good things to come and full of fears and worries about what evil might befall them. Have Faith. Be fully in the Present.

Just Be in the Moment. Stay in the Moment. Flow with the Moment.
To live in the Present is to be without anxiety for the Future.
The world changes, so must you.
Live day by day in the Strength of the Lord.

The Vision of your own Eternity…
The Vision is to reclaim that which was yours, but which you have lost.
What is your standing on the Path?
Do you know where you are at?
What more do you need to do?

The Path consists of having a Vision, a Goal, towards which you work and aspire, and that Goal or Vision is to reclaim that which was yours, but which you have lost: the Vision of your own Eternity.

Life is not that narrow, limited routine that you call your “life”. If you open your Inner Sense, you will know that Life is vast and eternal, boundless, without limit.

The Self that is You has never been born and will never die. Search for that and you will gain Life Eternal.
Have no fear of Life, nor fear of Death, nor fear of the Future, nor fear of failing on the Path. The Imperishable is your Self-Nature even Now.

Concentrate on the Moment, whatever you are doing, whether you are chanting, meditating, singing, working in the garden or in the kitchen, talking to people, or relaxing.
Make your Moment as Now, and Now is Eternity.

Excerpts from Heaven and Hells of the Mind Vol 3, Pages 1144, 1241, 1400-01

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I used to pester this Teacher for a japa to use while in activity. I admit I have been an ignorant person and at the time I suppose I was greedy for some way to focus my active mind and body. I have everything I need and more than I can ever comprehend. Inner silence and awareness of the present moment is everything. Life becomes so beautiful.

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