The Head, the Heart, and the Law of Sacrifice

Uniting Head and Heart

Within the innermost chamber of the Heart, God is to be found. This is not a theory but a fact. It is not the “old man on the throne”, but the Fiery, Radiant, Universal Logos, the Spiritual Sun, the Universal Christ in Glory, “the Resurrected Lord”. The Heart is the seat of the Consciousness of the conscious part of the Soul and of the Higher Self. Again this is not theoretical, but practical. It is found in meditation.

 The Heart is the Way to Peace in this troubled world. That is why the Christ said, “My Peace I give unto you.” This is the Peace of the Heart. May the Radiance of the Heart give you Peace.

The Way of the Heart is the ancient Way. The Way of the Head is the coming New Age Way.

The Way of the Heart is the Path of Love and Devotion to the God who is within your Heart and within all Creation, within all worlds, within all planes of Being, within all creatures and beings. The Way of the Head is a search outside yourself, in the outer physical body, in the outer world, in bodies, forms, objects. It is the study of the outside appearance of the Universe and the outside course of “laws” and events. It is the study of the veils that conceal the Real.

The Way of the Heart is the discovery of Being, of Beingness within you and in the Cosmos. The Way of the Mind, or the Way of Future Science, is the Way of learning about the forms of Divine Manifestation, how God appears on the “outside”. It is learning about the Laws of the Mind, which are the Laws of Nature and the Celestial Hierarchies.

The Way of the Heart, the Way of the Mystic, is the experiencing of the indwelling Life of God within yourself and outside yourself in the Cosmos. The Way of Science, or the Way of the Mind, is the study of the forms that veil the Self. Inside yourself, your thoughts are the “forms” that veil your Self from yourself; thus, the Way of the Mind is to study the veils of thinking, thoughts, forms, bodies, structures. In Science, however, an important key is missing.

Science is the study of how the Kingdom of God appears from the outside, from the view of outer consciousness. The Way of the Heart is the Way of the Mystic Fire, Fiery Aspiration, and a deep longing for the experience of Reality, the Eternally Real, not for the passing forms of the phenomenal Universe, which ever changes, grows “old” and passes away.

In the olden days, you ascended from the Heart to the Head. In the New Age, you will have to descend from the Head to the Heart.

The active service of the Mystic is based on Love. The active service of the future Scientist is based on true Knowledge of the Unity of all Life and the Divine Interconnectedness of all things. Both must serve Mankind selflessly. This is the Spiritual Law.

The Perfected One of the Man-species is one in whom Heart and Head have been united into one expression, one simultaneous working: the awakened Heart linked with the awakened Head, expressed in a life of Selfless Service to all Life.

The Law of Surrender or Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a voluntary letting go. We normally associate sacrifice with “pain”, with doing without things, or giving up things that we like, or doing things we don’t like to do. This pain or discomfort that we feel for the idea of sacrifice is a product of our egos. The ego grasps onto things—people, situations, name and fame, material possessions and so on. It also holds onto its self-view, the image we have of ourselves.

The desire to give is in the nature of the Spirit. The desire to possess is in the nature of the ego.

Thus, there is a raging conflict within us—between the Spirit within us, our Higher Self, and the little ego by which we live our lives.

The Law of Sacrifice is the Law of the Spirit. Clinging to things is the way of the ego.

Love and Sacrifice

Do unto others as ye would have others do unto you.

Jesus the Christ

Be the last to quarrel, but the first to make up.


The Law of Sacrifice, as it applies within the Human Kingdom, is the Law of Love.

The Old Testament covenant taught the Jewish tribes to love God. Jesus extended this idea to the love of one’s fellow human beings, of all Mankind. The old karmic pattern is the Law of Vengeance: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. The new Law is the Law of Love and Forgiveness. Individuals, tribes, groups and nations who live by hate, by the spirit of vengeance, cause endless suffering for themselves and for their “enemies”. Individuals and nations must learn to live by the Law of Christ, which is the Spirit of Love.

There is no true spiritual development without self-sacrifice. In practical terms, your Love is synonymous with your spiritual state. The greater your capacity to Love—practically—the more advanced you are.

Remember, Love must be expressed practically, physically, in action.

Love must be expressed in positive action on the Physical Plane. Mother Theresa is an example of practical Love. When she saw human suffering, her Love (her awakened Heart Cakra) expressed itself in action.

In your own life also, Love must be expressed in loving actions towards your family, neighbours, friends and group members. Love is not an abstract thing! Love is energetic, dynamic. It changes environment, relationships, circumstances and your consciousness.

These are the two most important things in your life:

  • Love.
  • Meditation.

Truly, those two words sum up the purpose of your existence. Both Love and meditation lead towards the same goal: Perfection, Glory, Deification, Divinity.

Of all spiritual practices, Love is the most important. Love is even more important than meditation.

featured image by Sherly Tay on Unsplash 

Excerpts from Heaven and Hells of the Mind Vol 3, Pages 1130-1131, 1138-1139, 1142-1143

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