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The Purpose of Spontaneous Meditation The purpose of Spontaneous Meditation or Being in the Moment is: ·      To experience Life in its totality, fully, one-hundred-percent, with full Awareness, Consciousness and Significance, Moment by Moment, as it flows in you and through your Life-Stream. ·      To experience the Timeless, the Eternal, in your “ordinary” experiences of […]

Are you the person you think yourself to be: the limited, struggling, striving, bodily man or woman? Or, are you something far greater: the Spiritual Reality?   You really are a beautiful person. You truly can be happy, healthy and joyous. All your material needs can be supplied. You can have peace of mind, tranquillity […]

Here is a simple rule for dealing with crisis situations: Do your best, then surrender to the Divine within. That is all you can do, and all you must do! Do your best and then surrender. To surrender means to let go, to relinquish control of the situation, to give it up. After doing your […]