How to deal with Crisis situations in your Life

Here is a simple rule for dealing with crisis situations:

Do your best, then surrender to the Divine within.

That is all you can do, and all you must do! Do your best and then surrender. To surrender means to let go, to relinquish control of the situation, to give it up. After doing your best in the situation, let go and return to Silence deep within yourself. Give the problem up to God. Simply allow the Divine to interfere in your life and in the lives of those around you. In the deep Silence you will receive Grace.


Remember that there can never be a totally perfect solution to any situation in this life. The Inner Reality is the only changeless condition; everything else around you rises and falls, goes up and down. So let it be.

Following are the four steps to deal with a crisis:

  • Recognize that you are not perfect, that nobody is perfect, that nothing can be perfect (due to the incomplete evolutionary state upon this planet).
  • Do the best you can in the situation.
  • Then surrender to the Divine within, in Stillness and Silence.
  • Accept whatever is the outcome.

The last two points are very important because, in deep Silence, in true surrender to the Divine Presence, a subtle transformation takes place within yourself, a subtle, non-verbal rearrangement of your consciousness.

As for accepting the result, whatever that may be, remember that you are not responsible for running the whole Universe by yourself! Allow God and the Cosmos to do their bit!


Thoughts of Power in times of fear or stress

There is nothing to fear. Fear is a thought. To conquer fear you have to conquer thought. If there is no thought, there is no fear.

Fear is the sensation of being separated from the Divine Energy.

Fear of Life and fear of Death arise from the same things: fear of changes in external circumstances; dependence on people, things, situations, and reluctance to let go of them; and fear of the Past, the Present or the Future (what may happen?).

In this world, everything is transient, nothing is lasting, nothing is permanent. For most people this is difficult to adjust to.

Human beings cry for attention because they are not centred within themselves. The remedy is to teach them how to become centred.

Do not fear any person, condition or circumstance, for the Being of God, and the Essence of God, are your very own Being and your very own Essence.

It matters not what other people think of you, or even what you think of yourself. God knows best.

Let not fear control your life. Tranquillity.

Stress is the inability to cope with change.

The feelings of guilt, sadness, fear, imperfection, loneliness will slowly disappear as we learn increasingly to identify with our true Self, the Soul of Light that we are.


When we Know the true I AM, there is nothing to fear, no one to fear, nothing to hate, no one to hate, for all is enveloped in the Love of God.

When the I AM is known, stress disappears.

Fear, depression, stress, loneliness and insecurity disappear, are transformed by the Living Light, the Light of the Self, the Being of Light.

The Holy Heart has no fear, for God alone Is.

There is no time or fear in Being (that is, in God).

Give up resentment for past happenings in your life, future fears and present anger, and you will be Happy.

I am not going to be stressed-out, no matter what my circumstances.

I have nothing to fear:
The Self is Peace. I am that Peace.
The Self is Love. I am that Love.
The Self is Strength. I am that Strength.
The Self is Bliss. I am that Bliss.
The Self is Radiant Energy. I am that Energy.
The Self is Victorious. I am that Victory.
The Self is Free. I am Free.
The Self lacks nothing.
I draw to myself all things that I need.

Without reproach of the Past, without fear of the Future, I go on.

Thoughts of Power in times of Crisis

Everything is Divine.

Calmness is Power.

Be Serene in the Oneness of God.

Consider all beings and all things as part of your Infinite Self.

All beings and all objects are manifestations of the Light of God.

Surrender simply to the demands of the Moment.

Maximum outer flexibility with maximum Inner Stability.

Reconcile opposites and harmonize contraries.

Divine Positivity.

Seek Peace within and find Harmony without.

The greater the storm outside, the greater the Stillness inside.

Turn every negative situation into a positive experience. Look upon it as a challenge.

The solution to all your problems lies within you and nowhere else.

The solution is in understanding the problem. If you cannot solve a problem, it means you have not understood it.

Problems are not problems; they are just challenges to overcome. It is not a problem. It is a challenge. There are no problems, only challenges. Deal with it.

The Wise make good use of every situation.

Every situation in your life is an opportunity for growth or decay. It depends on how you view your situations in your mind. This is the secret of Metanoia (turning-around the mind).

A crisis situation is an excellent place to strengthen your Soul.

It is not intended that you should go through life without an opposition. Opposition, when taken rightly, matures your Soul and strengthens your personality.

People are executors of your Karma. It is through people that your karmas are worked out.

The Law of Moses is punishment. The Law of Christ (the Being of Light) is Forgiveness.

There is no problem that Love cannot fix.

One must have Crucifixion before Resurrection, and the seed must die before the tree can flourish.

It came to pass. This too will pass. In this world everything changes. Be patient.

Be not a victim of limitation, but its Master.

Every day is a battle. Win your battles day by day. Remain positive.

Accept everything as part of your Destiny.

Lose the battle and win the war.

When you are down-hearted, and all seems at a loss, remember that the Sun will shine, the flowers will grow again, the winds will change, and quiet comes after the storm.

The Storm is passing over. It is going to blow itself out. Then there is Peace.

Struggle is the motivating force in the world. Peace is the active Power of God.

The degree of your Happiness is the Power you have to deal with
situations you encounter in your daily life. In all situations, function from Inner Peace.

Stay calm and let nothing rattle your inner composure. (To rattle means to shake up, to disturb, to make anxious or afraid, to cause panic.)

Let go of anger, frustration and aggression inside yourself. Then calmly do whatever you need to do.

Become aware of what is the problem in your situation. Accept it not, nor reject it. This is Choiceless Awareness. Then do what is necessary.

Do your best and let God do the rest.

I AM come to set you Free, within yourself.

When you realize that you don’t have to do anything, a smile will light up your face.

The One Self, whom God created, cannot be threatened.

I have nothing to fear; my Guardian Angel is with me to protect me.

I am in charge of my own life. I don’t let other people get me down.

Every problem can be dealt with. I have the power and knowledge within me to do it.

I do not need to control anything.

Nothing external can dominate me.

Within me, my Soul is free. Now I am free, no matter what the outer appearances may be.

Photo by Sherly Tay on Unsplash

Excerpt from Heaven and Hells of the Mind Vol 3, Pages 1434-1436

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