The Way of Spontaneous Meditation  

The Purpose of Spontaneous Meditation

The purpose of Spontaneous Meditation or Being in the Moment is:

·      To experience Life in its totality, fully, one-hundred-percent, with full Awareness, Consciousness and Significance, Moment by Moment, as it flows in you and through your Life-Stream.

·      To experience the Timeless, the Eternal, in your “ordinary” experiences of day-to-day Life.

·      To perceive the All-Pervading God-Presence in all things, the Divine Immanence.


Stage 1: Preliminary Steps

There are two parts of You: the Eternal-Timeless-Self (which is passive) and the forever active and changing personality-image. This turbulent, questing, seeking, experiencing, restless personality-self (the little ego or “I”) will come to rest only when it becomes One with the Eternal-Self that you are. Then, this mad rushing-about in the world for temporal objectives, for unimportant purposes, for trivial pursuits, will come to a natural end, for you will see the futility of it all.

  1. Observe your way of life. Are you always feverishly busy? Are you always stressed out, on the edge? Then, you need to reduce your activities.
  2. Simultaneously, you need regular stillness, silence, aloneness, just being with yourself in quiet Solitude, with your body, emotions and mind tranquil, peaceful, relaxed, centred in Solitude. This will help you to calm down your over-excited body, emotions and mind.
  3. When you can be alternately active (busy) and passive (quiet), quite naturally, then you are ready for the next step.


The important point is not to “follow” a Master outside yourself, not to try to imitate that being, but to find the Master within yourself, the God-Self within you. This is not your little human ego, but the Christ incarnate in you. You have to understand this before you can practise the next step, which unites you to all beings, all creatures, all things, All-Life, the Great-God of the Cosmos and of the Beyond-Space-and-Time.


Stage 2: Awareness

As you go about your daily business—work, home-life, leisure, relationships, and so forth—try to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions in all circumstances. That is, try to be conscious of what is going on inside yourself, and around you, at all times.

You will discover that most of the time you are unconscious (not directly aware) of what you think, feel, do or desire; it is almost automatic, routine, habitual. Try to become aware whenever you catch yourself being asleep.


Stage 3: Unlearning

Regularly unlearn your “specialized knowledge” by taking quiet walks by yourself in Nature—in the woods or forest, at a park or beach, by lakes or rivers, in mountains, dunes or deserts, wherever you can be alone and surrounded by some aspect of Nature. There, walk or sit or lie down and empty all the “stuff” that is in your head, the many thousands of pages of book-learned “knowledge”, the jargon and expressions and definitions of technical stuff, business stuff, intellectual stuff, the “shop-talk” that is crowding your mind. Simply let go of all of that “stuff”. Rest your mind, empty your mind, and just Be.

You must also let go of the tensions, worries, anxieties and stresses of your daily life, including problems and conflicts with people. Just BE. Each time you do this, you will be refreshed, rejuvenated, healed.


Stage 4: Observing Nature

When you have become good at letting-go-of-all-things, then you are ready for this next step.

Gradually learn to intensely observe your environment in Nature. Observe all the life-forms, from the smallest ant to the largest tree, the sky or space, the sea or forest, the lake or dunes, wherever you are. Observe, but with your mind still, your emotions quiet, your body relaxed. You don’t have to do anything. Just observe, be aware, be conscious of Life all around you.


Stage 5: Observing Invisible Nature

Remember that Nature is not only what you see with your physical eyes, hear with your physical ears, or sense with your physical touch. Visible Nature is physical space and the physical bodies or forms that you see. Within this is the inner or psychic Nature of indwelling energies, forces, powers, and subtle archetypes of all things. Visible Nature solidifies from Invisible Nature. Invisible Nature is filled with hosts of invisible beings, creatures and entities of all kinds.

Within Invisible Nature and Space is a still higher aspect: the Spirit, the Source of all the forces, powers, energies and archetypes of Invisible Nature. Visible and Invisible Nature are ever-changing, ever-moving, ever-evolving, ever being born and dying, but the Spirit within All-Nature is deathless, immortal, unchanging, imperishable, eternal.

Try to feel or sense the Invisible Nature in all the things you see, hear or touch. This is not a thought process. Try to sense with your auric-field. If you succeed in connecting to aspects of Invisible Nature, then you might be able to connect to the One Invisible Force or Power that pervades all Nature.


Excerpts from Heavens & Hells of the Mind (Pages 1229-1231)

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