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Are you the person you think yourself to be: the limited, struggling, striving, bodily man or woman? Or, are you something far greater: the Spiritual Reality? You really are a beautiful person. You truly can be happy, healthy and joyous. All your material needs can be supplied. You can have peace of mind, the tranquillity […]

  There are no other Laws in the realm of the Supernatural but what are in fact the projection of Natural Laws. This means that your so called intangible or invisible asset, called your life or destiny, is under the direct guidance of a Law, in the same way as any material object would be. […]

For many thousands of years the Eastern religions and also Western Christianity separated the creature from the Creator, the Universe from God and the personality from the Soul. The sensation was that God was up there, you were down here and your Soul was waffling somewhere; nobody knows where. There was the sensation that there […]