Natural Laws


There are no other Laws in the realm of the Supernatural but what are in fact the projection of Natural Laws. This means that your so called intangible or invisible asset, called your life or destiny, is under the direct guidance of a Law, in the same way as any material object would be.


You attract your circumstances to yourself by the Law of your Mind, which is Creative Imagination.


The Rules of Imagination are:

  1. Whatever you can imagine, that you can manifest.
  2. Your desire is the motive power of Imagination. You become exactly what you think and feel.
  3. That which you cannot or will not imagine, you can never attain.
  4. Imagination is your natural Creative Power. God Himself brings about the vast Creation through His Powers of Creative Imagination. God imagines the Universe and it is!
  5. Your imagination creates your environment.
  6. If you want Love, more money or material goods, or more happiness and peace, you must begin to use your imagination to that end. Nothing happens in this world that does not involve the activity of imagination to some degree.
  7. Creative Imagination can only work towards an objective or goal. Therefore the first essential step towards success in anything is to decide what you want to be or do.

The constructive powers of Imagination can only be activated by a definite purpose. You must have an objective in view before the subtle forces of your

subconscious mind can work for you. Clear mental images tend to materialize themselves in your environment. You must see yourself as you would like

to be.


The simple rule is:

Create a clear mental image of the condition in which you want to be, then act as if the whole Universe is on your side to achieve it.


The whole Universe is on your side and will react to materialize your definite purpose. The fuel that ignites the flames of success is desire. He who desires nothing achieves nothing. Lack of desire is synonymous with lack of success. Strong desire is the key to the manifestation of your purpose. Unlimited desire is the key to unlimited success and fulfilment.

A solid warning is in order here: You must never desire a goal that is injurious to other human beings or to Life itself. As the Lord Buddha proclaimed long ago:

If one speaks or acts with a pure mind, happiness follows him as his shadow that never deserts him. But if one speaks or acts with an evil mind, suffering follows him as surely as the wheel of a cart follows the horse that draws it.


The secret of all success of whatever nature, whether you wish to fulfil a spiritual or a material purpose, is the right use of your Imaginative Power.

Imagination is the power of your subconscious mind to make new combinations of past data stored up in your memory bank to produce new ideas and experiences. The combining and associative powers of your subconscious mind can be put to work to create new ideas, new thoughts and a new image of yourself. Thus, Creative Imagination becomes the gateway to a new life. Everyone has an image of himself or herself. This is called ego or self-awareness or self-esteem.


This image of yourself is your self perception.

You are what you imagine yourself to be.

Change your self-image and you change yourself and change the world.


Are you satisfied with your self-image?—with your self-perception? If you are, you have no chance for further growth, for expansion, increase and abundance. You have no chance for greater joy and the blissful ecstasy of living, for imagination is the gateway to the Soul.


All forms and circumstances are but crystallizations of imagined things. Imagination determines the form of the baby in the mother’s womb; imagination determines your state of health; imagination determines what is going to happen to you tomorrow.


Because imagination is a subconscious activity, most people dismiss it lightly. Yet it is the most powerful force in your life!


Imagination is the inherent faculty of the Soul to become the images cast up by the mind. These images cast up by the mind are your thoughtforms. These thoughtforms are made up of thought substance, the tenuous matter of the Sea of Universal Mind.

Thoughts are real things. They are solid, tangible forms in the Invisible Worlds. These thoughts manifest in your personality and in the circumstances and events of your life.


The Invisible World (the Other Side, the Great Beyond) is not an immaterial, incorporeal world as many people mistakenly believe. The Invisible World is a real material world, only made out of more tenuous matter, with molecules and atoms of lighter density. It is not an airy-fairy world, but a real world of substance.

Creative Imagination is the ordering or shaping of the substance of the Invisible World. This substance is the Living Light.



Excerpt from The Magical Mind (Pages 16-17)

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