Who are You? ~ The Great I AM

Are you the person you think yourself to be: the limited, struggling, striving, bodily man or woman?

Or, are you something far greater: the Spiritual Reality?

You really are a beautiful person.

You truly can be happy, healthy and joyous.

All your material needs can be supplied.

You can have peace of mind, the tranquillity of action and an expectant optimism which knows that your plans will come true.

You can have the quiet self-confidence that all great men and women of all times have possessed about themselves.

You can go about smiling in the world.

For All Power is yours

You have infinite potential in you and for you to fulfil your wildest dreams and greatest expectations. You already possess the Knowledge, Wisdom and Love you need to make your life “a path of roses and all-fulfilled dreams”. You only need to open yourself up to the Knowledge and Realization of the Powers of the Great Within inside you.

The Secret is to Know Yourself.


The Great I AM is the Ruling Principle of all things.

It rules the movements of all the stars, planets, galaxies and vast nebulae of the universe. It rules your life also. It does so always and you can become a conscious ruler with it.

The average person identifies himself or herself with the mind or the physical body, with a narrow band of personal energies, transient personalities and passing events, thus robbing himself or herself of the opportunities afforded by being in tune with the Great Within, the Infinite. Being in tune means ceasing to identify yourself with the ephemeral, the transient parts of yourself: your moods and feelings, your ever changing thoughts, your circumscribing bodily existence. To live in tune with the Infinite means to express yourself fully, as a Child of God, an Agent of the Infinite Power.

You cannot begin to use your infinite possibilities or experience the Ecstatic Life while you limit yourself, while you have a narrow opinion of yourself. You must believe in what you really are: a very beautiful person.


The moment you come to realize Who and What you really are, life will take on a new meaning and you can begin to live the Fulfilled Life.

Man lives by worlds unseen. There is no vacant space. Nothing comes to you unless you attract it to yourself.

In order to possess more love, radiant health and greater satisfaction and happiness in life, you must learn to understand the Laws governing your mind, for invariably you attract to yourself what is in your mind, and your life is but an outcome of your thoughts. We shall teach you some of these Laws so that, by their application, you may become fulfilled to your Heart’s liking

First of all, you must understand the following:

All that is objectively seen is but the outer manifestation of inner, subjective energies.

You live surrounded by worlds unseen, and literally there is no vacant space.

There is nothing but Boundless Energy on all sides. The entire Universe is but a quivering, vibrating, radiating Energy Field in which all bodies are immersed and out of which all bodies are made.

Everything in the Universe is contiguous; it is in touch with everything else by means of this Boundless Ocean of Energy. This Ocean of Energy is fluidic by nature and is amenable to control.

Your body, mind, emotions and feelings are but coagulations of this Supersensuous, Universal, Fluidic Energy which is in the form of a vast Ocean permeating all Space.

The Essence of everything is invisible. The world around you, and your body, are but effects.

All that you see with your physical eyes is but the effects of the invisible currents of Energies of this Primordial Ocean. This Primordial Ocean is Substance and Energy at the same time.

This Primordial Ocean has many names:

The Universal Mind.

The Primordial Life Energy.

The One Life.

The Word.

The Creative Vibration.

The Energy of the Creator.

The Oversoul.

The Soul of the World.

You are nothing but a coagulation, a condensation, a solidification of this inexhaustible Substance Vibration. Your physical body and the physical, objective world around you are made out of this Stuff of the Universe, or Mind Stuff.

This Universal Mind Stuff has currents in it: vortices, waves, tides. It is a Homogeneous, Primordial Flux in which all that has shape in the world is but a series of fleeting vortices. It is a seething, moving, vibrating, living mass of Energy-Substance. You might envisage this Universal Mind Stuff as one gigantic Atom, indivisible, homogeneous, uniform, a Totality, a Fullness, within whose Unity is the plurality of all things.

Therefore, everything is connected to everything else. You are not an island, an isolated unit cut off from the rest of Mankind. On the contrary, you are physically united with all things in space and time.

If you want to command the love of others, you must become loving yourself.

If you want to be happy, you must radiate happiness yourself. 

If you want health, you must have healthy thoughts, deeds and desires. 

For people and events react to you as you activate them.

Excerpt from The Magical Mind (Pages 6-7)

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