Peace on Earth Depends on Each One of Us

Peace on Earth depends on each one of us, and the Peace within you depends on the degree of your at-one-ment with your Soul in your Heart.

You cannot become a Master of all that is in Heaven if you have hatred in your Heart.

Suffering knows no boundaries, no class distinctions, no discrimination between races and colour. It is universal. It affects people in prisons as well as in luxury hotels. Your Heart-Compassion is universal when awakened.

The Divine Word is constant in the Hearts of all beings.

A single act of Compassion will put you in touch with the Heart of Humanity.

If you hate the evil-doers you will become like them. If you hate the violent you will become violent. Hatred can be transmuted only by genuine Heart Love.

Confrontation has been the way of living on this planet for countless ages. It is the natural animal instinct in Humanity and can only be created by animal Man. It can be overcome by Self-Realization (Ātmabodha), by the Vision of the Soul (Ātmadarśana) in the Heart.

Everything is pure to a Heart that is Pure. Everything is evil to a Heart that is corrupt.

If your Heart becomes contaminated by the worldly vibration you will become a Lost Soul.

If you keep your attention constantly within your Heart you will avoid much outer strife.

An open mind and an open Heart are a must before you can begin the Great Quest for Liberation.

Everyone needs a place to go for refuge from the onslaught of the world. The best place is a Silent Heart.

Let go of fear, open up your Heart.

Guard your Heart, for it protects you from the attacks of the Enemy.

When your Heart is open, you will feel more pain but also more Love.

Follow your Heart.

Your Heart is the Throne of God.

Those who walk the Way of God have God in their Hearts always.

The Kingdom of God must first be established in the Heart of Humanity. When enough Hearts have been turned within, the Kingdom will come upon this world.



The State of Innocence

For the Calmness of the Heart to be in the Eternal Moment, relinquish all unnecessary things.

Only the intense longing of your Heart will take you along the Path of Liberation.

Freedom is not a thought, not an idea, not an intellectual decision; it is a state of your Inner Being.

The Path is essentially the finding of the Truth which is already within yourself.

Look within yourself for Enlightenment, not outside. In your Heart is the Suffering of the World and the Bliss of the Eternal.

You know you have found the Truth when you have discovered within yourself that which is Eternal.

There is a State of Innocence or Purity within us, the true Kingdom of God or Paradise, in which we know no separation, no pain, no sorrow, no cares or worries, and every moment is complete Bliss. It is Hṛdayaṁ, the Heart of God.

Unity Consciousness is the original State of Innocence, the Youthfulness of your Soul before you became enmeshed into the vibrations of the world flux.

Having reached the State of Unity Consciousness, you are God and you are the Universe. This is the sublime Mystery of Man.

Live now as if you are already in the Eternal.

When you wake up in the morning, do you remember the Eternal? Is that part of your day? Have you made up your mind?


Let the Light Shine

Search the Cave of your Heart.

Love everybody. Be patient with yourself.

Be actively engaged in doing good.

Expand your Understanding continually by Profound Knowledge. Man evolves by Knowledge.

Care for animals and plants also, not only Man, for the time will come when you will have to care for angels as well.

What race a person belongs to, what colour or religion, does not matter. What matters most is the state of your Heart. Are the Fires of Love burning?

God has a Plan for Mankind. Man is not just a freak accident of Nature. The Purpose of Man is to become wholly Divine.

You are not the physical, astral or mental body, but the Self-Eternal in the Shining Light.

Discriminatebetween the Real and what is only glamour, between the important and the useless, between the passing and the Everlasting. Work to salvage the World.

Slowly, try to give up selfishness. Develop the spirit of self-sacrifice for others, for, as you decrease your personal self, the God-Self within can flourish and grow. For Those who Knoware ever watching.


The River of Light

The reason why people on this planet don’t treat Life as sacred is that they have lost touch with the Transcendent. The Divine Glory is permeating all forms of Life on this planet, not just the human, and the Ecstasy of the Spirit is spilling over into all forms of Life. We need to develop the inner senses of the Heart to appreciate and become immersed in God’s Life.

The Uncreated Light illumines the Space of the Heart.

The Light of Life pervades everywhere.

The Living Light transfixes Time.

Adjust your Heart to the Vibration of the Transcendental State.

Let God’s Spirit enter your Heart and there listen to His Word that reveals all hidden and wonderful Mysteries.

The Eternal Truth cannot be registered in the time-space-conditioned human mind until this common mind transcends the time-space limitation by entering the Heart.

A prisoner is one who is trapped in the workings of the mind; thus, there are many prisoners on this planet. There are a Few who go insideand discover the Freedom in the Heart.

The River of Light flows through you continually, but the outer-self is not strong enough to see it.

Become sensitive to it in your Heart.


Excerpt from Heavens & Hells of the Mind Vol 3 – Pages 1304-1308

One thought on “Peace on Earth Depends on Each One of Us

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    My mother’s parents had a very happy marriage that lasted until the end of their lives. How fortunate they were! I once asked my grandmother, Martha, what her secret was, and she replied, “Sacrifice.” Those were different times – life moved more slowly. And though my own life has been quite different from hers, I have never forgotten her words. She always surrendered her inner conflicts and troubles to Christ, to solve for her what she could not reconcile within her own heart and mind. I hope that when I die, I will have achieved some semblance of Martha’s humility and will have done all I can to serve the greater Good.

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