The Principle of Choice

Every moment, in every situation, everywhere, you have a choice. 

This is the Principle of Choice.

You can choose to be happy or sad, forward-moving and progressive, or negative and destructive.

To be pro-active is to respond to a situation positively and constructively. To be reactive is to respond to a situation negatively and without control. (Reactive-emotional consciousness.)

Past Present and Future

Time past is infinite. Time future is infinite. The Universe comes and goes in an infinite series of successions, and so do you. Memories fade away with the cycles of Time.

At every point of Now, the Past and Future are equally present. At every point you can revert back to the Past or move towards the Future. The choice is yours.

Every day you are a new creation, therefore it is not necessary for you to cling to the past. Keep your attention focused in the Present, in the Here and Now. Don’t get lost in past memories, wounds and pains, nor in future hopes, imaginings and fears. Do not let guilt be your constant companion. Don’t blame your past. The choice to be happy or unhappy is always in the now. The Past has only as much influence upon you as you allow it to have.  You are a victim only to the degree that you want to play the victim role, and for as long as you choose to play it. Victim-consciousness is completely unnecessary. You need not cling to past hurts or memories, for you have the power of choice, moment by moment. Make yourself free from the past Now.

We are all shaped by our Past, defined by our Past, but the Future is ours to create, Now.When the mind holds on to past beliefs or experiences (good or bad), its freedom to experience the limitlessness of Now is hindered. If you remain trapped in the Past you are wasting the opportunities of the Present.

If you get stuck on the idea that you have been victimized by someone in the Past, that you have been hurt, that your life has been ruined, this evil thought-feeling will generate for you endless negative circumstances and experiences, Now and in your Future. Change your attitude to the openness of life.

People who live in the Past feel nostalgia for the good times they had, and guilt shame, or anger for the evil times. People who live in the Future are full of expectation for good things to come and full of fears and worries about what evil might befall them. Have faith. Be fully in thePresent.

Why is it difficult?

Why do people find it difficult to leave the Past behind? Why do they cling to it, hang onto it, clasp it tight? Why do they become so attached to past sufferings (real or imagined?)

It gives them a sense of identity, a label, a designation, a category, a means by which they can explain away all the misfortunes in their lives. They like to consider themselves “victims” or “survivors” so they do not have to choosein the Moment and be responsible for their lives.

Unless you let go of your past hurts, problems, and mistakes (physical, emotional or mental) the door to your Future remains tightly shut.

Holding on to the Past is the major obstacle to the growth of your consciousness. The Conscious journey is always Now. Accepting your condition is accepting how things are for you now. In this acceptancethere is inner freedom. When the mind stops grasping the Past it becomes free of all limitations and the Future is seen as infinitely bright.

Just Be in the Moment. Stay in the Moment. Flow with the Moment.

Being simply in the Moment is not to seek for something else, but just to experience What Is, Not seeking to escape from it, nor dwelling in the Past, nor wishing for the Future, but simply experiencing Now as it is. The worldly-minded do not understand this.

Time is an artificial construct of your lower mind, produced by thought. If you ascend in Consciousness beyond the mental sphere, it is impossible for you to experience Time, to have the sense of a Past, for Reality is always felt as Now, this moment, this second. And this Moment is ever New, uncluttered by the Past.

Make every Moment positive. Every Moment you have a choice to be positive or negative. Choose to be positive.

Life Ever Moves On

The World changes and so must you. Today, Now, you are not what you were yesterday, or a year ago, or ten years ago, or a hundred years ago, for Life ever moves on inside you.

Being in the now you are free.



(Excerpts from pages 1241, 1380- 1381  & 1400-1401, Heavens & Hells of the Mind, Vol 3.)

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