Freedom is Boundless Love

Remember that the Sun is always shining, no matter how cloudy the day. On the ground the clouds may block the Sun and the rain may pelt down hard, but if you fly above the clouds, the sky is full of bright sunshine.

So it is with human life. In the body and mind there may be many stresses, storms, tensions, upheavals. Even if your life is a neurotic mess, remember that, deep inside you, you are always above the storms of life. Deep inside, you are always in the Eternal Sunshine. Deep inside, you are always bright and clear. Your Soul and the Great Spiritual Sun are always in the Light. Your Soul is always bathed in the Sun’s Light, and the two are always One.

Can you rise above the earthly limitations of your body and mind? If you can, you will see the Great Sun eternally shining on the Limitless Horizon. At such moments, the Earth may seem like a far-off marketplace. You will wonder why people live such noisy lives. The Sea of Light is all around.

To be free is to be free of both joy and pain. Freedom is Boundless Love. It cannot be measured by time and circumstances. Boundless Love is like space and the cloud in the sky; the cloud moves on or evaporates, but the sky remains.

Limited love is the experience of joy and pain. Boundless Love is the experience of tranquillity upon the Sky of our Consciousness. Limited love is what we fear—the separation, the rejection—but Boundless Love knows no rejection, no separation, no coming and no departing. This Love fills the Sky of our Consciousness with perfect Sunshine all the time. Beneath the clouds the world appears to be dark and heavy, but above the clouds the Sun is always shining brightly.

Human love is a cloud formation. Divine Love is the sky itself. True freedom is not in human love, but in the Boundless Love of the Original Sky of our Consciousness.

Sometimes, when two lovers meet, they merge into this field of Divine Love which is filled with Light and Bliss. This is Tantra.


Tantra Mind

Human beings are prisoners of their own minds. This is a great mystery. You are a prisoner of your own thoughts.

The word Tantra means to “transcend limitations”, to “transcend the mind”. Tantra is to be free from the limitations of your mind, free from your thoughts, ideas and opinions. The mind is the ego. The ego is the cause of your bondage. If you transcend your mind, you will transcend your ego, and with it, all misery.

You are a prisoner of society. You are a prisoner of your own mind-constructs. You are full of pain, sorrow, anger, frustration, bitterness, envy, and all of this is but mind-constructs. This is how things are in this world.

Tantra is the Joy of the Infinite. For beyond this world is a subtle realm, and beyond that is the Eternal, the Divine Presence. This Divine Reality is not a body, nor a mind. It has no limits, no foundations, no shape or size. It cannot be comprehended by thinking about It. It is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is sometimes known as the Void or the Emptiness. In truth, it is the Plerōma or utter Fullness of Existence.

It is difficult to reach the Eternal because it is difficult to give up the ego. Watch a bird flying through the air, it does not have an ego. The bird is not aware that it is a bird, that it is a sea gull, that it has its nest on a particular spot. It is all unconscious, not ego-inspired, and therefore the bird is “free”. On the contrary, a human being is conscious that he or she is human, conscious that he or she is male or female, conscious of being a father, a mother, a typist, an executive, a millionaire or unemployed. The human being is conscious of ego.

Ego means identity—identifying yourself with things. You will discover that if you stop identifying yourself with things you will diminish your ego, and if you cease to identify yourself with anything, your ego will disappear. Then you will be free. Freedom is Tantra.


Stand in your own Centre

We start off in life totally self-centred. Babies are total egotists; they need complete attention from those around them, and with some people this attitude never changes. It is surprising how many adults are still “babies”—they have not grown up emotionally at all! Some remain totally dependent on others, while some are semi-​dependent. But the more mature Souls gradually learn to forget themselves, and the most mature Souls dedicatethemselves to others. Thus the circle is completed: from the total selfishness and self-centredness of babyhood to the total giving of ourselves to others. Thus are we freed from our egos, our little selves.

Independence is true freedom, but independence is not isolation or callousness, not neglecting communication with others. Simply, independence means standing strong in your own Centre, in your own Beingness, in touch with the Master within. This also is Tantra.


Develop a Bird’s Eye View

We must develop a bird’s eye view of life rather than a worm’s eye view. The worm sees and knows little; it digs blindly in the ground, scarcely aware of where it is going. What a different view the bird has of things, flying high in the sky!

The average man or woman lives his or her life like a worm, aware of very little. You are confined to the categories of your mind and the crushing walls of your environment, which are created by your own body-mind-personality, and you look at the world with the eye of a worm and think that you know, that you are smart. Really!

To attain a bird’s eye view we must be able to stand back, above ourselves and our circumstances. We must break out of our limitations. We must get far away from ourselves, from our environment, from our associations, from our relationships, from our everyday doings. We must fly above the clouds of our own creations. In the blue sky there is knowledge, there is freedom, there is confidence, there is strength. Then a new person is born. Then the same things are never the same again.

You must go through this experience. It is like a new Freedom inside you. This new Freedom is Tantra.


Return to your Root

Every now and then, simply let go of all things. Forget your cares, worries and troubles, forget the storms of life. Just sit down in a quiet spot, in any posture you find comfortable, and return to your Root, your Source, your Heart, the Ground of your Being. Simply relax, focus your attention in the heart area inside your chest and surrender yourself to the Spiritual Heart. Don’t think of anything, just sit in silence, doing nothing. Try to be calm, disinterested in life about you, unmoved by your feelings and emotions. Don’t reflect on events, just empty yourself. Imagine yourself to be like a cup and your Heart an open vessel. Soon you will enter the Spiritual Heart and find the Peace that passes all understanding. This is release and Freedom. This is Tantra.


Surrender to the Limitless

The more you are in the crowd, the more crowded your mind becomes. People and thoughts are synonymous: the more people in your life, the more thoughts in your mind. With people come diverse influences on your mind—pressures, tensions, divisions, arguments—until your mind screams for peace and release.

At such times, spend some time alone with the stars. Find a quiet spot where you can be alone, silent, undisturbed, and gaze into the Infinitude of Space. Soon you will realize how trivial all human life is, and how silly all our neuroses. What is human neurosis to the Great One? What do the stars teach you about Eternity and Infinity? What does Limitless Space tell you about the Great Mother? For God is a Great Mother and Her children are the stars.

It is important at such times that your mind is silent, empty of thoughts, and that you gaze into Infinitude with awe and wonder. If you surrender properly, the Great Limitless might show its Face to you. For the twinkling stars and the vast empty Space are but a veil thrown over the Limitless, the One Of Whom Nought Can Be Said, but Who can be intuited in moments of Ecstasy.



Excerpt from Heavens & Hells of the Mind Vol 2 (pages 932 – 935)



2 thoughts on “Freedom is Boundless Love

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Too often I get frustrated when bombarded with such things as the internet and the seemingly useless nature of superficial communication. What I am reminded of is the True Nature of Reality, even when circumstance prevents me from escaping into nature to gain temporary reprieve from my own confining mental constructs. A burning desire to be free of my own mind seems at times to be the only way I have of hastening my own Liberation.

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