Entering the Lost Kingdom

God is within us.

God is Love within our Hearts, Wisdom in our Minds.

The Inner Way is Stillness, without thinking, imagining or images.

The human being has the capacity to become God, that is, to become absorbed in God.

The Power of God is within us. This can change all things.

The Kingdom of God is within us. This is the Original Imperishable Light, beyond the Heaven Worlds.

The Living Spirit is within us, which is Active Grace. This is active throughout the whole personality.


Peace is to be found by Resting in God, which is Realising the Presence of God in the Heart and in the Mind (through the Third-Eye and Crown Centres). Divine Consciousness is in the Heart Centre; Divine Splendour is in the Crown Centre; Divine Light is in the Third-Eye. The Heart also contains the Spirit of God.

The Higher Mind, the mind united with the Soul, is the means to see God and to witness the Eternal Splendour within all things. Interior Illumination comes when the ordinary mind and the Heart have become purified, and when some of the impressions of past events have been neutralized. Then God shines.

The Way is found by going within ourselves, transcending the physical body, the ordinary mind and the emotions. This Way is known as Meditation. You learn to silence the activities of the body, emotions and mind-stuff (the lower mind). At first, Silence appears to be empty, meaningless. Later on, we recognize it to be very creative and transforming in our lives.

Materialism can temporarily halt spiritual progress, but ultimately it cannot defeat the Human Soul’s desire to Know Itself and discover the Mystery of the Universe. The human being will remain restless and searching until the final Mystery is found within the Soul. Then it will find Peace at last.

Thus, you must enter the Lost Kingdom within yourself in deep meditation and find the Lost Word of God, the Final Mystery.


The Lost Radiance:

How far Humanity has sunk into the quagmire of materialism! There are “learned” people in the West, who claim that meditation is simply a relaxation exercise and that you don’t need Religion to practise it. If you are spiritually “dead”, then I suppose you don’t need Religion, but then you don’t need meditation either, since the objective of meditation, or prayer, is the direct Realization of the Goal of Religion, the Divine in Man and in the Universe—not as a theory, a guess, a speculation or a hypothesis, but as a fact.

There are also misguided people who twist Religion for worldly ends, for purely political purposes. They also are spiritually “dead” and are not religious at all.

What is missing from Human Consciousness is Radiance—Radiance in the Heart and Radiance in the Head.


To Achieve Liberation:

If you want to achieve Liberation in this lifetime you must solve three riddles:

  • The Mystery of your identification with your physical body.
  • The Mystery of your ego-sense.
  • You must neutralise the impressions from the past.

Then, what remains is Ātman, the Spirit, the Self-Existent Self which you are.

These Mysteries cannot be solved by thinking, theorising or philosophising, nor by religious faith or dogma, nor by theology or metaphysics, nor by any activity of the mind. These Mysteries can be solved only by going beyond the mind in deep meditation.




Excerpt from Heavens & Hells of the Mind Vol 3 (Pages 1176-1177)


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