The Miracle of Christmas and You

Soon the Christmas holidays are upon us, a time to buy presents, to socialise, spend time with family and have a few days off from work. This is the Way of the World. But have you thought deeply what really Christmas is about?

The Church says that it is a time to commemorate the birth of the Christ who came to save the World two thousand years ago. It is true, a Divine Incarnation did take place two thousand years ago.

But what about You, my fellow Traveller on the Way? Open your Heart and Mind and a great Miracle and Mystery shall be revealed to you.

This Mystery is about how to become a new Human Being, a Revelation of how to become a Member of the Kingdom of GOD. Study this carefully and think about it deeply, because it is about You.

Ages roll on, human beings come and go, nations rise and fall, History moves on in relentless tidal waves. Civilisations are built and civilisations are destroyed, regularly like the ebb and flow of the tides. But what remains?

A long time ago the Buddha taught the Path of Wisdom, Knowledge, GNOSIS, Understanding. Moses taught the Path of the Law, the Way of KARMA, the Importance of Righteousness. Krishna taught the Way of the Warrior, one’s Duty and Destiny. The sage, Patanjali, taught scientific Meditation as the Way to Enlightenment. LaoTzu taught the meaning of TAO, the Self-moving Way, being in the All-embracing Present Moment.

On the worldly level, the positive forces tried to improve human life through art, literature, science, architecture, dance, music and rituals to regulate and inspire human societies for bettering human existence. Also, there was education and philosophy to motivate people to a better life. This was for thousands of years and in all parts of the world, according to their level of development at that time.

And yet society after society, race after race, nation after nation, religion after religion rose up high and then fell below into wars, chaos, suffering and oblivion. Is there no end to suffering? Listen Well my Companion on the Way.

Christmas has a secret Message. The HEART of every human being contains the MIRACLE, the SECRET. Within the Heart there is an ATOM, a JEWEL, like a Sparkling Stone, which belongs to another kingdom, the Kingdom of God. It is a LIGHT kingdom, above and beyond Time and Space, Matter and Energy, imperishable and eternal, unchanging and boundless.

The Birth of the Christ is a symbolic story of the Awakening of the Jewel in your Heart. As Saint Paul, the great Initiate said, “The Christ in You, your hope for GLORY”.

Within your Heart-system the Christ already IS, covered by layers of energy and matter, physical, etheric, astral and mental substances. In the East it is called ANTAR-ATMAN, or the Inner God, or, the GOD within You. Can you realise the awesome fact that God is actually already WITHIN YOU, close to you, in your Heart-system i.e. in your Spiritual Heart?

This is the first great secret of Christmas, the FACT of the GOD within you. You have to understand why you are not Aware of it. Then practise the method of contacting IT. Then comes the following of the Path to the Kingdom.

The last Great AVATARA, the Christ, taught the Path of Spiritual Love. This is the hardest Path but leads to the highest GOAL. In symbolic language, it has six stages or levels of Attainment: Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension. These are the levels of interior development, changes in your mind, Consciousness, your Soul-structure and Soul-nature, and your relationship to the GOD-WITHIN you.

The Kingdom of God is not the heaven worlds where good people go after death; it is far above it. It is the Imperishable Light-World of the Original Creation; the Foundation, the Source of the Universe. This is the GOAL or objective of this Path. The Spark of GOD in your Spiritual Heart is from this World. It is your CONNECTION.

Christmas is to remind you of this great opportunity for You, the Living Soul to quit the perishable realms and worlds of ever-changing, unstable Nature, full of suffering and troubles and cares. Otherwise, you will forever revolve on the Wheel of Life, incarnation after incarnation.

Where do you begin? What is Spiritual Love? You know that the Christ has been Born inside your Heart when you are ever restless, ever seeking for a better life, ever wanting greater freedom from the limitations of daily life. Everything is a burden on you.

Spiritual Love is the great necessity on this Path. Without it, you cannot go very far. It is basically a radically different thinking from the way worldly people think and act. The way worldly people think and act keeps them on the Wheel of Life. If you want to get off the Wheel of Reincarnation, you have to change your attitude completely. You have to synchronise your attitude with that part of GOD that is called LOVE. For, GOD IS LOVE.

Spiritual Love means forgiveness; forgiving yourself and forgiving others for the wrongs done in the past. Forgiveness dissolves the negative energy fields created by the wrong actions. It neutralises past tensions. Forgiveness is healing and a positive energy.

Spiritual Love is actively seeking to help others, to relieve others of their sufferings, to do good for them without accepting or wanting a reward for it.

Spiritual Love means realising that the same CHRIST dwells in them, as in You. It means that the HEART of each human being is good, that the CHRIST suffers in all of them.

When you live like that then comes BAPTISM, the GRACE of God shines in your HEART like a Fountain of Light. Then comes the TRANSFIGURATION, the CHRIST-LIGHT takes control of your life completely. Then there comes the Crucifixion of your worldly ego; your former personal self. Then there is the Resurrection inside You into Eternal Life.  And then there is the Ascension into the Glory from whence you came, your DIVINE SELF.

One thought on “The Miracle of Christmas and You

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. In the southern hemisphere it is full of light, warmth, food, family activities and hopefully a trip to the beach. In the northern hemisphere it can be dark, quiet and sacred. A single candle can illuminate a miracle in an individual, a family, or a gathering of friends.

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