Divine Love

When you encounter death, you will be enveloped in a Light Force that you will feel as a masculine force, like a father, or some sort of male intelligence, but it’s absolutely, infinitely compassionate. It is difficult to associate compassion with a male force, because most people think compassion is always soft, feminine and gentle, which it is when it is of the Feminine Force, but this Light Force is also a compassionate force, though very masculine.

It is an intensely radiating Love and when you encounter it at the moment of death you will be swamped with this radiation. Imagine high voltage electricity or a strong beam of Light coming at you, a living, conscious Intelligence, a Light Force that is totally compassionate and loving. It protects and embraces you; everything is made clear and definite and your path shines for you.

Perhaps why many of the religions thought of God as a father figure is because when people had out-of-body experiences, mystical experiences or meditation experiences and came across this Force of Love of the Divine Consciousness, they associated it with a strong father force, but of course, on a much more powerful cosmic level.

You can approach the Divine through Our Lady who will unveil to you the Christ Light within you, and in turn it will then unveil to you the Light of the Father within you, and each is a different kind of love. You can have the crystalline Love-light of the Christ; the soft, feminine, gentle purity of Our Lady; or the aggressive, strong, masculine Father Love, and you can experience these things according to your level of spiritual development.

Usually Our Lady will come to you only if you request, and also, usually the Father Force you have to invoke through spiritual practices. Whereas the clear Light of the Christ may come when you don’t request it. For instance, if you have been walking on the spiritual path and you are helping the world or bringing the energy of Light to the world as a sage, guru, teacher, master, prophet, advanced disciple or a worker for humanity, then often, if your life is in danger or something is threatening you, the Christ Light will step in to protect you or help in that particular situation. Sometimes people think it is a guardian angel, but it’s the loving Force Field of the Christ Being stepping in on your behalf. These are Divine Mysteries.

Realize that the Father loves you all the time. Your life is Love and you are loved twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, from one end of Eternity to the other end of Eternity, so you need not worry about being lonely, isolated and unloved. One of the most devastating emotions is being miserable and most people are miserable because they believe that nobody loves them. The Father loves us all the time, with intensity, but we don’t perceive it except in unique occasions such as at the moment of death.

You have to create some other situations when you can experience it, not only at the moment of death. With Our Lady and the Father Love, you have to work intelligently towards it. You have to show some interest in it, but nevertheless, it’s there all the time and it’s a mystery why we don’t experience it on the ordinary human level. We are disconnected, but when we have devotion and love towards the Divine, then we pitch our vibrations up and connect to that Love Energy Field which is always there. You were and are always loved and that incredible loving power of the Presence is within you all the time. You are not able to perceive or touch it because of faulty consciousness or low frequency vibration within you, but that tremendous, beautiful Love envelops you always, in its radiance, strength and glory.

The tragedy of modern civilization in the West and why there are so many suicides and depressed people, is because they do not know this principle, that they are loved all the time; therefore they think they are lonely and expect other human beings to love them. Most people who are depressed, suicidal, or have a gloomy, miserable existence feel that they need somebody else’s love and if they don’t get it they feel that nobody loves them.

We are loved all the time by this amazing Father Force, day and night, but we are not in tune with it. It’s a matter of tuning in. The Divine Love Power permeates us all the time and it is a real energy field to which we can tune-in, so that we can feel love always, and not only love, but over-powering love. This is an over-powering love that knocks you flat, no questions asked. The tragedy of society is that people think they need to look for this love outside somewhere. They get depressed if another human being doesn’t love them and so they think that life is meaningless, empty and grey.

Everyone is included in this amazing Love Force of the Father. Receive the radiation of Love and tonight when you go to bed promise yourself that you won’t feel yourself miserable any more. You must understand that you are really loved even though it might be difficult to comprehend.

Excerpt from The Western Mysteries 1523 NZ 1993 Retreat 

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Since attempting to deepen my understanding of the Father, my life has become even more beautiful. He is everywhere, omniscient and omnipotent, and He provides for my every need. My relationship with my own father has been healed for some time, though he died about 15 months ago. I hope that the fun, dance, tears and sentimental songs I now enjoy with the Father reminds my own beloved father how much I have always loved him, enjoyed being with him and that he need have no regrets or concerns for the happiness of his own children.

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