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Meditation is a slow course of disentanglementFirst, we disengage from identification with the physical body and its environment, the world; then from the astral body and its world; and finally from the workings of the normal mind itself. Education consists of forgetting all the things you learned at school, and Knowing.

Meditation is the process of shifting your attention—your consciousness or conscious awareness—to higher possibilities. And there are many higher pos­sibilities.

Meditation is necessary to shift the attention (consciousness) from the personality life to the Soul-Life. Meditation is an activity of consciousness to shift your awareness into the causal body, the Soul-Body, which is another reality quite apart from the personality mechanism.

Normally your attention is attached to your physical body, and hence to your immediate environment—your wife, husband, children, work, friends, the world around you. Consequently, your attention is continually flowing outwards from yourself. The first work of meditation is to re-focus, to return to the Source, the Centre, the Heart, the sense of God’s constant nearness, which is, in fact, your Self.

A part of the work of meditation is to harness the mind. The mind is continually active, thinking of problems, pains, pleasures, plans, things to do, or things that happened in the past or will happen in the future. Meditation is concerned with making the mind motionless, still, quiet, serene, at peace, establishing Consciousness of God without thoughts or images.

Each of these processes—shifting attention and mental silencing—takes time, persever­ance, practice, patience. Success comes slowly but steadily.

Focusing Awareness

Meditation is difficult for any person who is used to scattering his or her ener­gies in all directions, who is pulled hither and thither by all kinds of impulses and desires. A chaotic personality cannot meditate. A disorganized mind cannot meditate. A certain amount of stability in life is required before you can enter the Path of Meditation.

Meditation begins with focus (concentration, attention) at one point of awareness, be this inside or outside yourself. When you focus your attention onto something, either inside or outside yourself, you collect all of your conscious energy there. Without col­lecting your conscious energy at a single point of focus or awareness, you cannot begin to meditate.

Meditation is a steady stream of focused awareness.

Most people direct their attention outside towards the world, towards people and ob­jects, quite naturally. What is needed is a natural redirecting of your conscious energy towards God, Reality or Higher Consciousness. Unless you consciously redirect your attention upon God, upon the Real, you remain forever bound upon the Wheel of Time.

Thus you have to shift your attention away from your little personalized self towards the Boundless Immutable Principle of the God-Self. That is the purpose of meditation. Illumination of the mind or the Heart will come only after a long application of focused awareness. There are no shortcuts on this Path.

Connecting to Reality

The human being upon this planet is an energy system. The amount of energy we have on any level depends upon our energy-connection with that level of Being.

There is physical energy, astral or emotional energy, mental or mind-substance energy, Buddhic or Unified-Field Energy, and various layers of Divine Energy beyond that. Whatever you are connected to, you will receive that kind of energy. Whatever source you are not connected to, that energy washes over you and passes you by. Thus, you are constantly dwelling in an Ocean of Limitless Energy, the Godhead, but you have no capacity to utilize It.

The human personality is out of tune with the notes of the Holy Light within the Soul. Nature in the lower worlds is unable, by Herself, to reproduce the perfect Harmony of the Soul-Realms; hence the many problems of Humanity and the planet, and the many diseases that arise in the body, emotions and mind. Thus, you must consciously seek the Redeeming Light.

Meditation is the art of connecting yourself consciously to higher aspects of Reality and, ultimately, to Reality Itself.

Your true Being is infinite in nature.
First you must make contact through meditation.
After contact, there is the struggle between the self and the Self.
When the true Being has won, you become a shining Star on the Horizon of Eternity.


Serenity and happiness come from Inner Fulfilment. To be inwardly fulfilled we must 
spend our lives in meditation.

Liberation in this life is the Goal. 
Never forget this Vision. 
Let not the world distract you. 
Make conscious connection with 
your Soul through meditation.

Illumination is a result of long and steady effort.

The purpose of meditation is to achieve Mental Stillness, where no more thoughtforms are made, and the Soul is seen.

Many thoughts don’t make Enlightenment.

Spiritual Consciousness transcends thought, 
is formless, and is the State of Unity.

True Spiritual Consciousness is formless. 
It is above the thinking principle. 
It is being aware of the Self, the I AM, 
which is Eternal, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

I AM is the Name of Being 
where there is no thought. 
Thoughts come and go, 
but the Thinker, the I AM, remains.

The Source of Mind is Bliss.

Vibration is the basic Law of the Universe. Spiritual Evolution is changing 
your Vibration to a higher gear. 
Only a motionless (waveless) mind 
can perceive the Path of Light within.

Cease from mental activity and you will 
become aware of a Boundless Infinity.

Look within and God is there.
Look without and thou art lost.

Look within, for you are Light.

Look within:
thou art Buddha (Christ, Kṛṣṇa, Rāma, God).

The Self is waiting patiently at the door of the Heart and at the window of the Third-Eye.

Look with wonder at what is before you 
and you shall Know the Lord of all things.

Return to God.

Sanctify the Lord God in your Heart.

Release your Spirit from the Cycles of Time 
and merge into the vastness of the Universe.

Stabilize yourself to experience the Absolute.

Rest in the Spirit.

I drop thought. 
I let go of everything. 
I settle down into Being.

My mind is at rest.

I stand in the Light, the Light of Self, 
the Light of the Eternal Presence.




Excerpt from Heavens & Hells of the Mind (Vol 3, Pages 1440 – 1442)

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  1. Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Boone says:

    In the ancient texts of the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali refers to the one-pointed concentration on the object of desire as Dhyana. As a Dhyana Yogi, it is my aim to seek only one ambition, “union with the Divine.” Imre, my guru, has expanded on the ancient knowledge with his own marvelous contribution to the Aquarian Age. I know that my own enlightenment is of little consequence. We are each but one expression of the Divine Consciousness. Through the actions of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Lords of Karma, I accept what purification I need in the physical, astral, mental, causal and buddhic realms to advance in Soul-Consciousness on the Tree of Life. Imre teaches that time is a spatial reality rather than what some commonly call another dimension. I had an experience way back in 1977 that confirmed this for me. The only battlefield on which I stand is Kurukshetra. Physical life is fleeting, but the Love and Wisdom of my guru and the Spiritual Hierarchy are eternal. None of us can expect to understand our own or another’s personality until our own understanding is complete. As a disciple of my guru, I offer my hope that each of us, as human beings, may one day find a way to abandon ourselves and our own personal ambitions in order to serve that Greater Good.

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