Quan Yin: The Mother of Compassion

Our Heavenly Queen has appeared to Humanity in many lands and at many times. She appeared in China as Quan Yin (Kwan Yin).

Quan Yin is the Virgin of Light, the Mother of Compassion, the Ideal Beauty, the Eternal Woman, the Messenger of Divine Grace. 

Quan Yin is the Incarnation of Primeval Wisdom and the Goddess of Mercy.

Quan Yin is the Eternal Gentle Maiden, between Heaven and Earth, between the material consciousness and the spiritual, between Man and God. She is the Intercessor, the Protector, the Helper, the Inspirer. 

Quan Yin is the living embodiment of Eternal Beauty, perfect Proportion and Harmony, perfect Gentleness and Grace. 

Quan Yin is She-Who-Looks-Down-Upon-Us-With-Compassionate- Glances. She made a vow, a long time ago, to help alleviate the sufferings of all creatures, not only human but the animals as well, and all other Kingdoms of Life. 

Quan Yin is the embodiment of Prema-Śakti, the Energy of Love.

Quan Yin is the Mother of Mercy who tends to the sufferings of this world. 

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva, whose very Self-Nature is Love- Wisdom, that is, whose Self-Being is of the Buddhic Plane where Consciousness is of Love, Wisdom, Unity and Bliss, fused into the Perpetual Light. 

She is Avalokiteśvarī (Ava-Lokita-Īśvarī, the down-descending Goddess), the Padmapāṇi (Lotus-born, or born out of the Spiritual Lotus, the Universal Heart). Her very Substance is the Energy of Love and Primeval Wisdom.

The Divine Child of Quan Yin is born in every Human Heart when that Heart has been purified from dense worldly vibrations, when that Heart has been made into a Temple of the Living God. That Divine Child is the promise of the Divinity of Man, the utter Holiness which we all shall become: co-creators with God, co-rulers of the Glories of the Divine Manifestation. 

This is the Mystery of Quan Yin.


Meditate on Quan Yin

Meditate in the Heart…

Ōṁ Namo Kwan Shin Yin Pusā 

There are many temples, alters, sanctuaries, grottos and niches dedicated to Her in China and Japan. (In Japanese, She is called Kannon.) But She can always be found in the Human Heart by simply invoking Her Name, Quan Yin.

It is enough to remember Her Name, Quan Yin, in your Heart and to see Her picture (that of the Gentle Woman) in your Heart. Your Heart will be overflowing with Love and tears will flood your eyes and you will know that She is with us always, through all times, in all places, in all circumstances, as the All-Forgiving Mother.

The Melodious Voice of Quan Yin

The Sound of Quan Yin’s Name is the Music that fills the Universe within. If your mind is still, if your breath is still, if your Heart is pure and receptive, you will inwardly hear Her Music, the Holy Presence of Her Name.

The Heart is the Temple of Quan Yin, though She may appear above your head, by your side or near to you. The lotus flower is Her symbol and the Lotus of the Heart is Her throne. 

The Inner robe of Quan Yin is white, the White Light of Spiritual Purity. Her outer robe is blue, the Blue Light of Spiritual Aspiration. The White Lotus blossoms above Her forehead (the Higher Third-Eye Centre). The Red Lotus blossoms in Her Heart (the Heart of Infinite Compassion). 

She is surrounded by a Sphere of Iridescent Light. In Her Aura are threads of silver garlands, pink blossoms and a Golden Translucence. 

She has the most gentle, beautiful, sweetest Voice when She appears. She may show just Herself, or She may show also the Divine Child. 

Her Light-Rays of Love soften the human Heart and cool the human mind.

Sometimes She rides upon the Dragon or Serpent, showing Her complete mastery of the energies and forces below the Buddhic Plane. 

Sometimes She appears in the clouds in a White Raiment (vesture), at other times in a niche, grotto or alcove.

Sometimes She carries a vase of ointment in Her hands for the healing of the sick and the distressed.

Her Presence is full of a Tranquil Vibration.

May Her Peace descend upon you.

Meditate on Quan Yin in your Heart…


Excerpt from Heaven & Hells of the Mind (Vol 3 – Pages 1507 – 1509)

One thought on “Quan Yin: The Mother of Compassion

  1. Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Boone says:

    I am immensely grateful that time and space impose no limits to those who have welcomed the Divine Mother, Quan Yin, into the Heart. May Her eternal Compassion and Her eternal Wisdom touch all who look to Imre’s teachings for union with the Divine. May my own mind be cool; may my own Heart ever reflect her endless Compassion. May Her sweet melody release me from being focused on the “little self” at this very moment. I wish that for all who read these words.

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