Crisis is Rebirth

Understand that crisis itself can bring about a change or transformation that will lift you from a lower to a higher level of being—in other words, a rebirth. A crisis activates your hidden potential and talents and awakens you to a higher state of being.
It is an opportunity for your Soul to bring out talents and abilities that are normally dormant within you. If you have a dull, routine, crystallized life, then there is no opportunity for your hidden potential or talents to be expressed. So understand that crisis is a positive thing. While you are having a crisis it may not be pleasant, but when you look back on it from a distance you will realize that it did activate some hidden potential or talent you never knew you had, some response from within that helped awaken you to a higher state of being.

The planet itself is in a process of rebirth, which means that people will have a lot of crises. Every individual has to go through the crisis of rebirth. With understanding, however, we can help people go through this process more easily. First understand and solve your own crisis. Then understand the crises of the people immediately around you, how they can interact to become a harmonious and functional group and, with the power of that unified energy, begin to help the world.

We come now to the key understanding of the whole problem of crisis. While you are living only as the personality you will always have crises. The personality is always outwardly bound because the personality belongs to this world, so naturally the personality has to deal with his world and this world naturally has many problems; in fact, it is just one big crisis! So, as the personality you are bound, but the Soul inside you is always free. The Soul is always in a state of Ecstasy, Joy, Light, Harmony, Goodness, Beauty and Love, while the personality is always struggling with the problems of this world. The Soul is internally free but the personality is outwardly bound.

For the average person there is no relationship between the personality and the Soul, so the obvious solution to your crisis is to move into Soul-Consciousness. When you return to Soul-Consciousness you will experience that eternal sense of Freedom, Love, Joy, Harmony, Bliss and Oneness. When you experience this higher aspect of yourself— whether spontaneously or in meditation or chanting—you will know it is your real nature, and when you return to the personality and look at your problem you will say, “Crisis? What crisis?” This is the solution.

If you are wise, you will realize that we cannot solve the problem  of crisis by using drugs or by normal physical or sociological means. The real Life involves not only this Physical Plane. The real Life is a continuum of dimensions and situations in the Inner Worlds, so it doesn’t work to base the resolution of crises on physical solutions. Rather, we need to teach and help people to raise themselves above the personality and become the Soul. In the experience of the Soul, life becomes a vast, expansive Ocean of Reality, and you know that even the worst crisis is trivial compared to that vast Ocean of Being which you eternally are.

You can then return from Soul-Consciousness with a completely different view of Reality and deal with the problem. Very often it ceases to be a problem, but if it is still a problem you will have greater power to deal with it. That larger view within will give you the solution to any particular crisis. Remember, all these problems are usually caused by the ego, but when you return from that larger view of Reality the ego has disappeared and you will be able to work out the problem, or it will cease to be a problem altogether.

As an example, suppose you are feeling insecure because you have no money and no job. Obviously this is very real for you. Even if you go into a higher state of consciousness the situation will not change, because it is part of the reality of this physical dimension. However, what does change for you when you come back down from that higher level of consciousness is the way you work out the solution. Beforehand you may have been tense and self-destructive, but when you come down from that consciousness you can see with a clearer understanding and act calmly. The problem is still there because the world is still there, but the way you deal with the world will change. You will become calm and accept the problem as a challenge without the negativity of fear, anger, violence or insecurity.

Remember, any crisis is good for you in one sense. Obviously it doesn’t seem good for you when you are experiencing it—especially when you don’t understand the cause of it—but when you do understand, you will see it as an opportunity for growth and transformation. You will understand that there is a solution to the crisis, that all you have to do is free yourself from the bondage of the personality and you are back in the Timeless, the Eternal—your real condition. So try to understand these processes. If you manage to reduce your ego you will have fewer crises in your life. Earthquakes, tidal waves, loss of jobs, death or any other difficult situations will still happen— you cannot prevent them—but your whole inner Being will react differently, from the eternal Freedom of your Soul. Nothing that happens in this physical dimension can affect the Eternity of your Soul. This knowledge gives immense power within you: the power of Knowledge, of Realization, is fantastic! You know that this world is imperfect and that there will always be problems—that is just the law of this world— but when those problems come, you will be able to deal with them with an expanded understanding. And instead of being bound, you will always be free.


Excerpt from The Journey Within – Living the Spiritual Live Today (pages 21-24)


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