The Healing Power of RĀM

One of the most potent medicines of all is the sound of RĀM. Those of you in the field of medicine will of course be wondering how a sound (like RĀM) can be a healing medicine. Well, here are some of the qualities of the sound of RĀM: active goodness; positive energy; goodwill; courage; compassion; helpfulness; service to all; intelligence; wisdom; bliss; peace; constructive activity; the presence of God; Enlightenment; perfection; fearlessness; physical, mental and spiritual strength; righteousness.


The Power of Sound

To discover the reality behind the magic sound of RĀM, you have to understand something of the Primordial Language of Sound (also called the Sacred Language or the Divine Language). The ancient clairvoyants— I do not mean the modern psychic clairvoyants but the ancient clairvoyants with spiritual, or interdimensional, vision—discovered that the Universe is actually made out of sound-atoms. When they went into Cosmic Consciousness or other higher states of consciousness and they arrived at the Source of Creation, they discovered a tremendous energy field that in various languages came to be called “God as Sound”: The Word in English, Logos in Greek, Nāda in Sanskrit and Verbum in Latin. They discovered that the whole Manifestation, the whole Universal Reality, comes from a mighty Sea of Sound that is the Sound of God or, if you like, the Name of God.

The Ancients also discovered that within this tremendous, all-potent Sound there are seventy-two Seed Syllables, powerful Sound-Vibrations that produce every possibility of manifestation, ability and development imaginable by the human mind and beyond. These make up the Primordial Language of Sound, and one of these sounds is RĀM, which is particularly powerful and beneficial to the human species on this planet. Remember that RĀM is more than just the sound you make when you say it. The physical sound is just a microscopic atom of RĀM. RĀM is a stream of the Sound that comes from the universal reverberation of the creative process and descends through the planes, becoming the Bright Light-Vibration of Nirvāṇa, the Pure Light-Vibration of the Buddhic dimensions, the Sounding-Light Vibration of the causal dimensions, the subtle Sound-Vibrations of the Mental and Astral Worlds and finally the physical sound of the physical world.

So how does this relate to healing? The sound of RĀM sets up a rhythmic vibration on whichever level you use it. When you use it on the physical level (when you intone it aloud), it sets up a rhythmic vibration in your physical body that harmonizes the atomic structure of the body and gives it physical health. When you take the sound of RĀM inside (when you intone it mentally), it sets up a rhythmic vibration in the etheric body that evens out the disjointed etheric (Prāṇic) currents, your own life-force, so your etheric body becomes healthy. As you take the sound further inside by internal repetition and reach the Astral Plane, it evens out the vibration of your astral body, so your negative emotional vibrations—depression, hate, anger, violence, self-pity—are neutralized. When you go further inside and reach the Mental Plane, all your negative thoughts are also neutralized as your mental body begins to vibrate more harmoniously. And then finally on an even higher level, when you can start working with it internally on the causal level (the Soul level), it will harmonize your causal body and therefore stop the release of negative karma.

So the sound of RĀM is the most amazing, all-purpose medicine ever invented, and it is applicable to everybody, regardless of religion or background, because it works with the Science of Sound, by Sound-Vibration.

This is also preventative medicine. If you intone and meditate on RĀM regularly, it will help your nature adjust itself to Cosmic Law because it produces a state of harmony in whatever realm it is being used in. It puts your causal body in harmony with the Causal World, your mental body with the Mind World, and so on down to your physical body. But if you are one of those perfect specimens who are always in total health physically, emotionally and mentally, then RĀM is preventative, by maintaining you in that state of harmony and keeping you from attracting negative, disease-producing factors in the first place.

Now, suppose we acknowledge that we are in a state of suffering, then the next thing is, what can we do about it? You can use the sound of RĀM to harmonize your internal bodies so that you do not have to suffer. You need to practise it sufficiently to start experiencing its inner dimensions and how it is in tune with the Inner Law. It is a choice you can make intelligently and wilfully, but you have to remember that there is another cosmic law and that is the Law of Effort.

You cannot live in depression and self-pity for fifty years of your life and then sit down and intone RĀM for five minutes and expect to become God-Realized instantaneously. It won’t happen, for the simple reason that over fifty years you have created a massive negative vibration in your inner bodies that cannot be easily neutralized. RĀM is powerful but in the initial stages you’re not reaching its true power. So you have to start at the bottom of the ladder and use it day in and day out until it has enough chance to start working and getting rid of the negative vibrations inside you.

Of the seventy-two Seed Vibrations, or Seed Syllables, in the Sacred Language, RĀM is a particularly good one because it is what I call an active harmonic vibration, which means that it will not draw your consciousness away from the world. If you use, say, ŌṀ, which is another Seed Syllable, the ŌṀ Vibration will take you away from worldly consciousness; it is a good sound for a sannyāsin, sādhu or monk, somebody who has renounced the world and does not need to engage in life, because it is a straight path from the Physical World to the Causal World and beyond. It pulls your consciousness up and out of worldly conditions. But the beauty of the RĀM Vibration is that it enables you to be fully worldly conscious and fully divinely conscious both at the same time. This vibration is like a huge wave that goes down to the depths of matter and up to the heights of Spirit. I call it the great Universal Vibration of Light, the very energy of Life itself. As you use the RĀM Sound, your life-wave will increase, your health and vitality will increase and therefore your ability to fight disease will increase, and your Enlightenment potential will increase. If you are a monk, you should use ŌṀ because you don’t need to be engaged in interaction with the world. But if you are in the world, which we are— the Warrior Path is a way of action—then you should use RĀM, which opens up everything from healing powers to psychic powers to divine abilities to all knowledge.

With this exercise you can learn the technique of mustering energy and then letting it go. When you intone RĀM, feel that you are producing energy (RĀ) and then letting it go (M). All the Warrior techniques are important in life; even this one Warrior Principle will teach you a dynamic lesson that can be applied in real life. Suppose you suddenly become angry about something. Normally, you would grumble about it for days on end or even for years. But when anger arises inside you as a Warrior, you get angry—scream and do whatever you have to—and then let it go. The sooner you let it go, the sooner you establish your inner harmony


Practice Intoning RĀM

First, practise sounding the pure sound, prolonged, physically (aloud) and then mentally (internally).

Pronounce the sound brightly and clearly, because as you pronounce it physically so will you intone it mentally. If the physical sound is not bright and clear, then the mental sound will be dull and ineffective. Next, practise the RĀ sound, physically and then mentally. Feel the RĀ sound as an opener, initiator or commencer of energies. It opens you up from within yourself into the Energy-Field. Here the sound is long but not prolonged (only for 2 or 3 counts).

Feel the opening up of energies with the RĀ sound, and let them go with the M sound. With the RĀ you generate energy and with the M (which is a humming sound when it is intoned aloud) you relax or let go of the energy. (Tension and relaxation, action and letting go of action—this principle is important in daily life.)


An audio file demonstrating the intonation of this RĀM mantra can be found at


Intoning RĀM internally for twenty minutes or so every day will not only prevent you from having negative emotions but also protect you against those of others. That is because regular meditation on RĀM will create what we call a Shield of Light inside you. What this means is that as you practise the R M technique and build the shield of Light inside you, you will feel fewer and fewer negative energies—your own as well as other people’s—because the brightness and positivity of the RĀM Vibration will drive them out. As you repeat the RĀM sound, the vibration moves out in concentric circles of Light that push away and block any negativity around you. Once you are in that clear space, you can make the right action.


Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Selections from Ch4, Pages 39 -52)

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