The Foundation of the World – Part Two

To the Ancients, the foundation was something you had to have a right relationship to before you could liberate yourself from the human condition. That is, your foundation, your Base Chakra, must be well balanced and functioning how nature intended before you are able to neutralize the influence of Matter and reach Cosmic Consciousness.

If your Base Chakra is not active, you will become like the Yogīs in India who are in Samādhi, or Trance, and are incapable of looking after their own physical body, let alone doing something for anybody else.  They are focused on the Crown Chakra, where all their life-force goes, so the Base Chakra is undeveloped and they are therefore disconnected from this world. They are actually malfunctioning spiritual beings, because to be properly functioning you have to be able to relate to this world. Do you think the Buddha was a malfunctioning being? Do you think that Jesus Christ was a malfunctioning being? His Base Chakra was solid and fully active and at the same time His Crown Chakra was fully active, too. He had Cosmic Consciousness: He was together with his Father in Heaven while His feet were firmly planted on Earth. He was not a total basket case; He was the ideal Warrior.

If you read the New Testament you will notice that Jesus had human emotions. You could say, “If He was a man of God, why did He have human emotions?” It was precisely because He was a man of God that He had human emotions. He went to a temple, and in those days everybody did business there, changing money and selling this and buying that, so Jesus became angry with them, got a whip and started hitting people left and right, saying that the temple was the house of God, not a business exchange. He went wild because He saw that what was happening was not the right thing. He was a Warrior, one hundred percent.

Another time Jesus was sitting on a mountaintop overlooking Jerusalem and started crying, “How many times have I tried to bring you together, to inspire you to turn towards God, and you would not” (Luke 13: 34). He had tried to teach and save Jerusalem many times, and the result He got was basically nil, so He was frustrated with the people and was actually overcome by that human emotion. But that shows that although He was illumined, united with his Father in Heaven, He was still concerned about day-to-day life on Earth. And that is a true Warrior, because in Him the North Pole and the South Pole—the Kingdom (this physical dimension, physical life) and the Kingdom of God (the Nirvāṇic Consciousness) were functioning simultaneously.

There is nothing wrong with this world per se, but what is wrong is that people are either totally spaced out and cannot relate to the world or they relate to the world so much that they cannot relate to the Spirit. In the Bhagavad-Gītā it is said of Kṛṣna that “He comes at every age to rectify Dharma”, which means that a Divine Avatāra comes in each age to put the dharma of the world right because, obviously, people mess it up all the time. And that is what the Warrior does: rectifies wrongs by whatever means, because that is the duty of the Warrior. But to do that, the Warrior has to have a properly functioning Base Chakra.

As I said, our planet is malfunctioning at the moment because it is being bombarded with cosmic energies that are being absorbed through its Base Chakra. This is why science and technology—the improvement of physical life and physical conditions—are suddenly such big things. In every aspect of physical life we have made more progress in the last 150 years than in the last 150 thousand years.

Everybody is concerned with the welfare of their physical bodies and their physical life, getting more and more involved in the physical dimension, which in one sense is good, but things are getting out of balance and people are getting more disconnected from the North Pole and feeling less obliged to do anything spiritual. Many countries are so well off materially that people can’t be bothered seeking spiritual things. Why should they, because everything is fine, right? They have all their goodies, so why worry about God or the Spirit or the Soul? That’s the danger of it, the downside of the situation. People are enjoying better material lives while the poor Soul inside them is starving to death.

The Way of the Warrior is not to be out of balance like that. The Way of the Warrior is to walk in the Light with your feet solidly on the ground. So the process of grounding yourself, grounding your Base Chakra in the world, is important. When you stabilize your Base Chakra you can live a normal human life—“normal” meaning how you were originally intended to live on this planet. Originally we were meant to function as representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy,representatives of the Divine Plan. Human beings actually have a mission to fulfil. Most people do not know this. They think their mission is to go to work and watch their favourite TV programmes, but actually humans have a bigger mission than that.

A part of the problem for the Ancients was that they said the world was evil, that it was the work of the devil. And of course there are still people who think that the world is the work of the devil. But the world is not the work of the devil because there is no devil. The world works according to its own law; matter can only do certain things in certain ways. It is not the devil. This world cannot be Nirvāṇa, ever. But this world has lots of nice things—nice trees, for instance—which Nirvāṇa does not have.

The Law of the World is called Dharma, or the destiny of the world. This world has its dharma, in the same way as human beings have their dharma, and as the Moon, the Solar System and the Milky Way have their dharma. Everything has a dharma to fulfil, and as human beings living on this Earth we have to discover what our dharma is, what we are supposed to do, and if we can fulfil it we will help Mother Earth fulfil her destiny.

The human being is a Cross—feet on the ground and head in the clouds (in Nirvāṇa), with everything else in between. We should be able to embrace the Astral World, the Mental World, the Causal World and the Buddhic World in one massive Sea of Consciousness, able to direct our attention to any part of manifested Creation. That is the ideal human being in the Mind of God.

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What we call Spirit is really Matter, and what we call Matter is really Spirit. So this division between North and South is an illusion; it exists only in our minds.

There is a massive field of Energy that vibrates extremely rapidly at the top (what we call Spirit) and extremely slowly at the bottom (what we call Matter). This does not mean that there is an entity called Spirit and an entity called Matter—there is no such thing; God is one. It means that there are degrees of vibration. What we call Matter is a slow-moving Spirit. Everything in Creation starts from Nirvāṇa, which means that the Nirvāṇic Light is called Spirit and this Physical Plane, Earth, is called Matter. But actually everything is Matter and Spirit, just different frequencies, vibrations or wavelengths. This Earth is Nirvāṇa and Nirvāṇa is this Earth, in different wavelengths of Energy.



Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Ch 9 Pages 101-104)


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