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Every condition in your life is changed by changing your mind. Whatever your life condition—in this world, in the Astral World before birth or after death, in the hell states, the heaven states, or in any part of Creation—the key to it is the mind. Whatever your mind perceives is what you are going to […]

There are two ancient teachings that we call the Doctrine of the Mind and the Doctrine of the Heart. Through the Doctrine of the Mind we can understand the Laws that rule the Universe (and us). But it is only through the Doctrine of the Heart that we can actually understand life itself, or the […]

You have to understand that this is a science, meaning that when you understand the Science of the Primordial Sound Language you can experiment with it and get results. In a science, what you do produces certain results and you can test those results over and over again. If your theory is correct you should […]

One of the teaching stories in the Old Testament is the story about Adam and Eve, who ate an apple, so God got angry and cast them out of Paradise. Since this is a teaching story, in the old days a real Teacher could explain what the story meant.  What it means is that Humanity lost […]

Following on from The Mystery of the Holy Grail… The Quest for the Holy Grail is not physical, emotional or mental; and secondly, there is another reality in a spiritual dimension where the real Quest takes place. The question is: How do we approach that other reality? How do we link this world with that […]

The mystery of the Holy Grail will help you understand that the Warrior Path is a Spiritual Path of the most profound nature, symbolized in the West as the quest for the Holy Grail by the Knights of the Round Table and in the East as the quest for Immortality by the Chinese Spiritual Warriors. […]

Let every moment of your day be part of your spiritual path. Apart from knowing that you have a spiritual destiny and purpose, you must also periodically sit down and do a specific technique, a breathing technique or a mantra technique or whatever. You must dedicate some time, maybe ten minutes, half an hour or […]

Each of the inner dimensions is vast and complete on its own, and you can have many kinds of experiences in the Astral World, the Mental World, the Buddhic World and the Nirvāṇic World. Buddha would describe Nirvāṇa in one way and the Christ would describe it in another way, and you would think that […]

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is essentially the way of the Spiritual Path, but very few teachings are clear about how the Spiritual Path works. Many teachers may tell you about the Spiritual Path, that you have to meditate, chant or pray, but they do not really understand the mechanism of the Spiritual Path. […]

To the Ancients, the foundation was something you had to have a right relationship to before you could liberate yourself from the human condition. That is, your foundation, your Base Chakra, must be well balanced and functioning how nature intended before you are able to neutralize the influence of Matter and reach Cosmic Consciousness. If […]