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Soon the Christmas holidays are upon us, a time to buy presents, to socialise, spend time with family and have a few days off from work. This is the Way of the World. But have you thought deeply what really Christmas is about? The Church says that it is a time to commemorate the birth […]

God is within us. God is Love within our Hearts, Wisdom in our Minds. The Inner Way is Stillness, without thinking, imagining or images. The human being has the capacity to become God, that is, to become absorbed in God. The Power of God is within us. This can change all things. The Kingdom of […]

All diseases of body, emotions and mind, all imperfections of character and personality, all weakness and flaws in the nature of Man, arise because the human Soul is restricted in its abilities to control the bodies constituting the human personality.  In fact, there is little connection, if any, between the Soul and the various bodies […]

Vertical Evolution and the Path The Path of Unfoldment can be speeded up by meditation—the conscious, intelligent use of the mind. The Spiritual Path is an attempt to come quickly to Buddhic Consciousness and from there to Nirvāṇa. By taking up the Path, the true Zen student, the true Sufi, Mystic, Buddhist, Christian, Yogī, Sikh […]

Miracles in the world are many, but there is no greater miracle than Man.  ~  Sophocles Remember that Existence is purposeful.It always was, is, and shall be. Whether we speak of the life of an atom, a man, a planet, a solar system, a central sun or a galaxy, each has its period of Involution, […]

Every spiritual tradition has emphasised silence and stillness as necessary to discover the Divine within us and the Divine in the Universe.  These two passages explain how to develop silence for a Christian and a Sufi perspective.   The Christian Masters said of Contemplation: The duty of the monk is to develop perfect stillness. And… […]

Every moment, in every situation, everywhere, you have a choice.  This is the Principle of Choice. You can choose to be happy or sad, forward-moving and progressive, or negative and destructive. To be pro-active is to respond to a situation positively and constructively. To be reactive is to respond to a situation negatively and without […]

Peace on Earth depends on each one of us, and the Peace within you depends on the degree of your at-one-ment with your Soul in your Heart. You cannot become a Master of all that is in Heaven if you have hatred in your Heart. Suffering knows no boundaries, no class distinctions, no discrimination between […]