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Understand that crisis itself can bring about a change or transformation that will lift you from a lower to a higher level of being—in other words, a rebirth. A crisis activates your hidden potential and talents and awakens you to a higher state of being. It is an opportunity for your Soul to bring out […]

Where there is darkness means that where there is indecision or conflicting opinions about a person or situation or about yourself or your goal in life, there is darkness; that is, you are unable to act because you cannot see the way. The Heart shows the way means that the Heart is infallible. The Heart […]

If you wish to evolve from the sleepiness of the mass-consciousness into the Ultimate Reality which you are seeking (the Divine Consciousness), you must first develop responsibility for yourself as an individual. Suppose you are one of those seekers who have been doing so many different things and you still find that something is missing. […]

Why is it that some people have amazing revelations and dreams while others do not? Spiritual Understanding has nothing to do with inner visions, dreams and revelations. They are just one aspect. Some people happen to be visionary or psychedelic and they see things, but they are no more spiritually mature than a person who […]

The Forces of Unification This is important knowledge in terms of understanding the plan, purpose and destiny of your life and of the state of the world. It is esoteric knowledge that will help you deal with existence itself. Before you can work out your Salvation, you have to understand this existential reality: The basic […]

Our Heavenly Queen has appeared to Humanity in many lands and at many times. She appeared in China as Quan Yin (Kwan Yin). Quan Yin is the Virgin of Light, the Mother of Compassion, the Ideal Beauty, the Eternal Woman, the Messenger of Divine Grace.  Quan Yin is the Incarnation of Primeval Wisdom and the […]

Meditation is a slow course of disentanglement. First, we disengage from identification with the physical body and its environment, the world; then from the astral body and its world; and finally from the workings of the normal mind itself. Education consists of forgetting all the things you learned at school, and Knowing. Meditation is the process […]

When you encounter death, you will be enveloped in a Light Force that you will feel as a masculine force, like a father, or some sort of male intelligence, but it’s absolutely, infinitely compassionate. It is difficult to associate compassion with a male force, because most people think compassion is always soft, feminine and gentle, […]

The New Aquarian Energies In this Aquarian Age, the two most important incoming Cosmic Energies impacting upon the human species are: • The energies of materiality (the Seventh Ray). • The energies of the lower mind (the Fifth Ray). The energies that find an outlet in the lower mind (the concrete thinking, rational principle) are […]

I am standing on the sea shore.   A ship is starting for the ocean. I watch her go until she fades  from the horizon. Someone says, “She is gone.”   Gone where? The loss of sight is in me, not in the ship. At the moment someone says, “She is gone,” others are watching her coming. […]