The Mystery of the Heart

The New Aquarian Energies
In this Aquarian Age, the two most important incoming Cosmic Energies impacting upon the human species are:
• The energies of materiality (the Seventh Ray).
• The energies of the lower mind (the Fifth Ray).
The energies that find an outlet in the lower mind (the concrete thinking, rational principle) are stimulating education, psychology, business, religion and politics to think along “rational” lines. In science the Fifth Ray totally dominates. It is also controlling the social sciences and sociological thinking.
The brain-mind is abstract, impersonal, analytical, intellectual, cold, heartless, feelingless. It is critical, aggressive, competitive, selective, myopic and limited in its approach. It looks at small segments, never the whole picture. It is slow, methodical and laborious in its approach to Truth. It can become devious, dogmatic and full of errors, and fanatical in defending those errors. It is separative and isolationist. Society is based on such a mind. This is its failure.
Most people nowadays are stuck in the brain-mind due to the influence of their upbringing and the worldly education system. The Heart, which is the Spiritual Centre of a human being, is forgotten. There is a real danger that Humanity will lose connection with the Heart altogether due to total concentration in the brain-mind.
New generations are prevented from experiencing Superconsciousness by brain-mind intellectualism.
Meanwhile, the energies of materiality (Ray 7) are stimulating the materialistic consciousness of the masses, the “money-consciousness” of people, the demand for more “wealth”, the desire to possess more objects. The masses want to get “richer” all the time.
The combination of these two energy-streams from the Cosmos, as they are registered by Human Consciousness, negates the Heart and all things spiritual. And therein lies the danger. Humanity will not improve until the Heart is rediscovered, along with all its wonderful possibilities. If Humanity wants to survive on this planet, the education system must change radically and religion must teach and practically demonstrate the Heart.

From Head to Heart
The head, especially the region of the brain between the physical eyes, is the seat of separative consciousness, the common mind or ordinary intellect. The ordinary mind is analytical, criticizing, separative, takes things apart, specializes, cuts things up into small pieces and names or “defines” those pieces. It gives the impression of the “many”—many words, many parts, many objects, many people, and so on. It works by simple logic and simple memory. It narrows things down and focuses on small parts. It is competitive and fundamentalistic.
The Heart is the Consciousness of Unity, Oneness, the Whole, interrelatedness, togetherness, synthesis. The Heart is warm, attracting, uniting, while the head (the ordinary mind) is cold, calculating, clinical, abstract, feelingless. Some intellectuals are nothing but selfish, cold, calculating machines, using people and things purely for their own selfish purposes.
Presently, every aspect of society functions in separative consciousness: science, religion, education, psychology, politics. Therefore, Peace is not possible in the world, nor will there be Peace in the world while society functions through separative consciousness. The intellectuals can devise as many “social theories” as they want, but the world can change only when Humanity learns to function from the Heart. This will be a major leap forward in evolution.
Within the depths of the Heart there is a great Peace. Whereas the ordinary mind tends to be turbulent, agitated, tense and stressed out, the Heart radiates Peace, Love, Wholeness, Unity, Comfort.
If you bring your mind (the head) down into your Heart through prayer-meditation, then your mind also can enjoy Peace, Love, Unity.
If you descend into the inner chambers of your Heart, you will become calm, and this Calmness will radiate out into your environment, affecting people, objects and situations. When two people meet, Heart to Heart, the Spiritual Fire circulates between them.
Without the Heart, Mankind will perish.
To be Heart-Centred is to be God-Centred, in the true sense. For the deepest part of the Heart and God are one and the same.

Awaken First the Heart
The Soul sends down three streams of energy into the personality:
• The Energy of Consciousness into the Head.
• The Energy of Life into the Heart.
• The Energy of Creativity into the Throat.

Through the Head comes Power, Will and Purpose.
Through the Heart comes Love, Wisdom and Unity.
Through the Throat comes Creativity and Intelligence.

Whether or not they are aware of it, artists of all types, and all creators, use the Throat Centre. Scientists and “intellectuals” use the Third-Eye Centre (the “brain” centre), also probably without being aware of it.
On the Spiritual Path the Heart must be awakened first. This is important! Many esoteric groups, and the Rāja Yogī (will-power yogi), focus on the Head and leave out the Heart altogether. This is a fatal mistake. It is only when the Heart is fully awake that you should train in the Head. If you use only the Head powers you could develop into a Black Magician.
The Heart connects you to your Soul, to the Spiritual Hierarchy, to the Angelic Kingdom and the great Spiritual Masters in the Invisible Universe. Love is the Key that attracts you to Them, and Them to you—not your will-power!
Love is the Key that makes you Group-Conscious. Love is the Key that makes you work for Humanity. Love is the Key that makes you feel the Oneness of all Life, of all creatures. This Love you can find only in your Heart. The Love of your Soul will pour forth from your Heart upon your group and upon all life. Then you will truly Understand all things.
When first you become a Master of Compassion, then it is safe for you to become a Master of Will and Power, if you so wish. If you use Will and Power without the Heart, you are doomed, like so many who have gone that way before. Be warned!

Heart and Mind
The Heart Centre is the seat of Spiritual Consciousness. The Head Centre (as it functions in the normal human being) is the seat of intellectual consciousness. The Solar Plexus Centre is the seat of the astral or psychic consciousness.
Thus, the solar plexus is connected to the Astral World, psychism, mediumship, emotions, and so forth. The brain is connected to the lower mind (intellect, reason, logic, normal thinking processes) and to the Higher Mind (abstract thinking, as in higher mathematics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics). The Heart is connected to the Buddhic World and Spiritual Consciousness.
In ordinary, unevolved men, women and children the intellectual mind faculty dominates the Heart. Hence they do not experience Mystical Consciousness or Buddhi. In the Mystic it is reversed: the Spiritual Heart, the Buddhi, the true Intuitive Faculty, dominates over the mind faculty.
There is a mysterious relationship between the Heart and the brain. There are seven “brains” in the Heart and there are seven “Hearts” in the brain. Meditation in the Heart affects the brain, and meditation in the Head affects the Heart.
And here is another profound Mystery: the Heart can turn the Head into another Heart, by Divine Grace, and the two Hearts can merge into One, so that you may become an Avatāra of Love.

Excerpt from Heaven & Hells of the Mind Vol 1 (Pages 426-429)

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful teaching. I am especially encouraged by the connection between the Heart and the Throat chakra. I have a need to express myself freely on the creative level, and I no longer hold back on any such expression, no matter who may be present at the time I am communing with the Divine. Others may be different and that is okay with me. I don’t want to disturb anyone’s inner Peace or communion on the Causal or Nirvanic level, etc. but I feel that any expression of Love and Devotion only furthers to build the Temple of Light that this Teacher and Teaching are endeavoring to build for the benefit of all Life on this planet and beyond.

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