The Way of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a system of meditation or contemplation, the object of which is the direct perception of God, the Transcendental Reality, to discover the hidden and invisible forces and universes around us, and to master them or have control over them.

Kabbalah is an ancient science dating from the time of the Egyptians. When the Jews were in exile in Egypt they learnt the science of Kabbalah from the Egyptian priests, and since then it has been transmitted down through the Christian and Muslim times to the present day. However, books on Kabbalah tend to be highly intellectual because the practical workings were never allowed to be given out—they were taught by word of mouth. This is why you do not find Egyptian books of a practical nature or ancient Hebrew books on how to do the practical work. So what you are getting here is a practical teaching that has never before been written down.
The basic idea of Kabbalah is that everything is God and everything is spiritual. To bring that home to our consciousness—that everything is actually divine—there are many symbols and practices. It is treasured material coming from the Masters. Each symbol, each sound, each Divine Name, each form of expression is saying: “There is nothing but God.” Every symbol we work with is just a reminder to your consciousness that the Divine Presence is here and now, with us and amongst us.
There is one requirement, however: you have to actually do the work. It is not enough just to hear it or read it, then forget about it and get on to the next thing. It is an intense form of Mysticism, an intense form of prayer and meditational practice designed to bring your awareness to the level of Divine Consciousness, or what we call Cosmic Consciousness—the awareness that you are not separate from the Ultimate Reality, that the Universe is not separate from the Ultimate Reality. That is the magic of Kabbalah.
In the East they teach the doctrine of separation—Nirvāṇa is up there, Saṁsāra is down here; God is up there, we are down here; this is unreal and that is real. It is a widespread system of duality, and according to the Eastern way of thinking you have to jump from this to that other reality. But from the time of the ancient Egyptians to the Hebrews, the Greeks and the Romans, and to the Christians, the Rosicrucians and the Alchemists, the Western Mystery School has a contrary teaching—that God is not separate. God is not out there; God is here. This world is not an illusion but part of the larger reality. Nothing is an illusion; rather, each thing is a further reduction of the Ultimate Reality. This physical world is the most reduced condition we can experience, the most crystallized form of existence, but nevertheless it is still part of that infinite Absolute Reality. It is not separate from it or opposite to it but is completely one with it.
Through working with Kabbalah you will learn that everything you touch is Holy Ground, a holy state of consciousness, and you will feel yourself moving with Divine Energies. So the primary objective of Kabbalah is simple: to feel God amongst us. Remember that the angel Gabriel told Mary that Jesus’ name shall be Immanuel, which means “God with us, God amongst us”. It means God is here, and that is the basic doctrine of Kabbalah.
This is really the most advanced form of meditational work because it will radically alter the way you look at life. First of all, you will not separate yourself from other human beings, from the Animal Kingdom and from Nature, and then you will not separate yourself from God. That Absolute Consciousness which we call God, that totally boundless, immeasurable State of Being, and all the things that we call Creation—you will perceive as one continuous, unbroken wholeness. Every symbol tells you the same story: God is here, God is this, God is that, so that after a while you begin to feel one with all life, all creatures and all Creation. And then of course you reach Cosmic Consciousness.

The Nonseparative Mind
The one key idea of the Western Mystery School is the nonseparative state of mind. We keep saying that you and the Divine Being are not separate, you and the Cosmos are not separate, you and the Creator are not separate, you and Creation are not separate, you and all the infinite energies of the Cosmos are not separate. The biggest problem of human consciousness is this sensation of separateness. In the East it is called the great heresy of separation. In your normal body consciousness you feel yourself to be separate, that everything is out there and you are not connected to it. That is the one true illusion that exists in human consciousness.
By Kabbalah practice you learn to realize that it is not so, that you are actually one with everything that you see or come into contact with. You are intimately connected to everything through fields of energies around you, and what is more you are connected not only spatially but inwardly. You are connected spatially to all outer things in Creation and inwardly to all levels of Creation. As you begin these practices you begin to feel all these wonderful connections inside and outside you as a normal way of being and living. And then you become a true human being.
Every one of the Tarot Keys is an aspect of Cosmic Consciousness, and every Kabbalistic symbol is an aspect of Cosmic Consciousness. They are not something separate from you; they are you working in a particular way. This is a different philosophy from that of the Yogi. As you know, the Eastern ideal is to escape into Nirvāṇa or some high heaven world. The Western ideal is to become ever larger and greater, not to escape consciousness but to embrace higher states of consciousness, with feet firmly on the ground.

Excerpt from The Western Mysteries Revealed – Volume 1 ~ Kabbalah Unveiled (Pages 7-8)

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