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The Foundation of the World – Part Two

To the Ancients, the foundation was something you had to have a right relationship to before you could liberate yourself from the human condition. That is, your foundation, your Base Chakra, must be well balanced and functioning how nature intended before you are able to neutralize the influence of Matter and reach Cosmic Consciousness. If […]

The Foundation of the World – Part One

The Foundation of the World is an important subject if you want to attain Cosmic Consciousness. The word for foundation in Sanskrit is Mūlādhāra—Mūla means “root, source or foundation”; Adhāra also means “basic, basis or foundation”. So Mūlādhāra has a double meaning of “foundation, root or basic substratum”. Also, the Mūlādhāra Chakra is commonly called […]

The Healing Power of RĀM

One of the most potent medicines of all is the sound of RĀM. Those of you in the field of medicine will of course be wondering how a sound (like RĀM) can be a healing medicine. Well, here are some of the qualities of the sound of RĀM: active goodness; positive energy; goodwill; courage; compassion; […]