Monthly Archives: December 2017

Master of your Fate and Captain of your Soul

Your mind may be divided into three distinct areas: Self-Conscious – Your self-conscious mind is that whereby you are aware of yourself. It is reason and logic. With this mind you think, make plans, form deductions and conclusions. You use the self-conscious mind when you are awake and aware. It is also called the objective mind. […]

Attaining Superhuman Evolution

When you become Soul-Conscious, you have taken the first step on the Path out of the human evolutionary stream onto a different evolutionary level. You are beginning in the lower rank of a superhuman evolutionary kingdom, another hierarchy of beings that already exists. Normally, people have to come to this level through aeons of evolution […]

Limitations of Human Perception – Worlds of Light

If a person thinks that what we see is the only world there is, that there are no invisible worlds, then of course, all these things are just abstract ideas. If there is nothing but this world, how can there be Worlds of Light? We don’t see the other worlds because the human vision is […]