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The Mystery of Death


The Soul’s Plan How long we live in the physical body, was originally envisaged by the Soul. The Soul already knows that it is going to live for only five days, five years, ten years or a hundred years, because the Soul has worked it out in the Causal World, in its own particular domain. […]

The Law of Your Being

imre vallyon

The important thing is to know that you have been conditioned and that conditioning is a superficial reality that works in the world for worldly purposes, but it is not what you really are. What you really are is infinitely larger and your potential is beyond your wildest imagination. You can discover that through Stillness. […]

The Divine Mother and Divine Father Exist Simultaneously

There is rhythm and law in the Universe. Everything has its law. The Sun has to stay in its own particular place; the Earth has to stay in its particular place; the Solar System has to stay in its particular place in relationship to the rest of the Galaxy, and the Galaxy has to stay […]