The Return of Christ and The Christ Within You

The Return of the Christ (the Energy of Love, Unity and Oneness)

The Christ is a highly evolved entity, way ahead of normal human evolution; His aura is large enough to embrace the whole planet. So when He incarnated as a human two thousand years ago it was for a planetary purpose: to stimulate the evolution of the human species. He brought in an energy, a vibration we call the energy of Love, Unity and Oneness. The Christ stimulated people with that energy, talking about forgiveness, loving your neighbour, and so on, because we are one family and there is only one Father in Heaven. That’s the energy of Oneness, the energy of Love.

After the Christ died He went up the various planes and stationed Himself in what we call the Kingdom of God (Nirvāṇa). Now He is coming down through the Buddhic World, the Causal World, the Mental World, the Astral World and will finally incarnate in the Physical World. Now that causes another problem, as you can imagine, because as He descends through the various levels He is introducing the powerful vibration of Love, an energy of binding all the beings in those worlds together.

On this planet, the reaction to that will be colossal—colossally bad, that is!—because there are people who do not want to work together, who do not want the Love energy. They are crystallized and want to be separate; they do not want the nations to be united or Humanity to be united as one species. If that Love vibration were able to function on Earth, there would be no nations, just one planet, one Humanity, one religion, one Path, one Reality. That’s the energy of Love, but as I said, there is also an opposite response to it from those who do not want Oneness and will fight against it tooth and nail. You can’t exploit somebody if you are one with that person and you can’t kill somebody if you are one with that person. The act of uniting requires a major change in consciousness, and there are people who do not want that.

The Christ Within You

There is the Christ, the cosmic being who is coming, as we mentioned before, but there is another Christ: the Christ within you. Within the Heart of every single human being, in the innermost part of the Soul, there is the Christ, quite literally. You have your physical body and within that is your etheric body, within that is your astral body, within that is your mental body, within that is your causal body, within that is your Soul and right within the Soul is the Christ—an image of Divinity made of pure Light, a Light entity that is alive but hidden in the deep regions of the Soul.

You can only step on the Spiritual Path when the Christ within you, which is a reflection of the Divine inside you, begins to sparkle at a higher frequency and shakes up your Soul and through your Soul sends down messages to you. Then you start to wake up and wonder: Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? That’s because that Light impacts our Soul and then moves down and clarifies your mind and impacts your emotions and even your physical body. Now, if you want to be a Light- Worker, you have to consciously cooperate with the Christ within you.

So, how do you do that? Well, you have to meditate, you have to chant, you have to change your way of life, in other words, you have to go on the Spiritual Path. And that means reorganizing your whole life—your mind, emotions and physical activities—to fit in with the image of the Christ within you.

As you connect to the Christ within you, you begin to receive Light. First you receive the Light of Knowledge, whereby you begin to understand vaster things, cosmic realities, and you also understand certain events in your life and why they happened. You might even remember what happened in a past life or even have flashes of the future. Later on, after you have done lots of meditation and inner work, you will receive the Light of Life, a bright light, a pulsating White Brilliance you see in the Third-Eye Chakra or in the Crown Chakra. This Light is different from the Light of Knowledge, which is invisible but you know is there, working inside you; you simply understand cosmic principles. But when the Light of Life comes you literally see it like a radiance, a shining, luminous light, and you understand what it is. Then, as you keep working with the Christ within you, you become a Light-Worker and intelligently cooperate with everybody else who is working with the Light.

Excerpt from The New Heaven & The New Earth (Pages 35 -36, 41)

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