The Way of Cosmic Vision

The Way of Cosmic Vision, has to do with Light, and I want to tell you about the Light and how we use it to enhance our spiritual evolution on the individual level, the group level and the planetary level.

We’ll start with this magical Mantra, which is a statement directly from Cosmic Consciousness:

The Creative Light shines through all Creation to accomplish Its Perfect Work.

There are two aspects of Light: the Fundamental Clear Light, which is the Original Field of Light, the Divine Mind itself, and which is always shining intensely bright, always stable and unchanging; and the Creative Light, which descends to accomplish its perfect work, in other words, to bring Creation to the perfection of the Original Light. The Fundamental Clear Light is what the Buddhists call Nirvāṇa or what Jesus called the Original Kingdom or what in Kabbalah is called the White Brilliance of the Supreme Crown. It is the root of the Cosmos, the foundation of all things, and some part of that clear, brilliant Light becomes the Creative Light, which then creates the Inner Worlds and the Physical World.

What we call matter is really Light at its slowest vibration, and the same Light exists through the Inner Planes as an ever-increasing frequency of Vibration right up to the Fundamental Clear Light, which is so fast that it appears to be not moving at all. The scientific idea of light involves only a fraction of the reality of Light, so you have to expand your understanding of Light beyond how it is perceived by science.

Now, the Creative Light has been shining through all Creation since the beginning of Creation and it will be there until the end, but—and this is a big but—we do not perceive it. And that’s where the Way of Cosmic Vision comes in, because it is about understanding the Light structure of the Universe, understanding how the Light works and what its function is in the Cosmos. Essential to understanding the Way of Cosmic Vision is the realization that the Light is not just the source of physical light to make everything look nice or show how radiant God is. No, it is Cosmic Intelligence, the Cosmic Mind of God, and it has a purpose: to accomplish its perfect work.

In my book Planetary Transformation I mentioned that Planet Earth is going through a major change, which is not due solely to the movements of our planet and Solar System through the zodiacal signs or into a different part of our galaxy but to something more profound: the coming of the Light. But if the Creative Light has always been there, what does it mean that it is coming? It means that although the Creative Light has always been shining since the foundation of the Universe, at certain cyclical times it becomes more active in certain places, according to some cosmic design, in some Solar System or other or on a planet within this Solar System or in the life of our Mother, the Planetary Logos, or our Father, the Solar Logos.

Finally, after millions of years, the Creative Light is putting attention on our planet, and this is why there are big changes coming. The Light has been focusing on our planet since the time of Christ, when it became active in the higher realms, and it has been steadily increasing, especially since 1875, as it stimulated the lower realms—first the Mental World, then the Astral World and finally the Physical World. The Light is pressing down on this planet, but it is not going to change us without our permission, because of our free will. Free will means that to evolve you have to be consciously involved in your evolution. So the problem lies with us: we need to do something about ourselves, to remove the obstacles and develop the ability to perceive the Light and consciously use it. We have to understand our position in life, our stature and dignity as human beings, and use our free will to accomplish the perfect work.

So how are we going to accomplish this perfect work? We have to open the Third- Eye Centre and be able to see or sense the Light, even if we can only sense the energy of it. And then we have to choose to use it, to cooperate consciously and intelligently with the Divine Plan. Then the Light, through us, will accomplish its perfect work with our cooperation. Light is Sattva—Purity and Harmony The Universe has three primary qualities: Rajas, intense activity; Tamas, nonactivity; and Sattva, purity and harmony. These qualities or forces are always in conflict on the Physical Plane, where there always exists the desire to be active and busy and the desire to relax and do nothing. Our whole society is based upon those two qualities because human beings do everything through either Rajas (activity, with everything winding up to a point where a nervous breakdown can be the end result) or Tamas (inactivity, with everything winding down to a point of nothingness where depression or suicide can be the end result). The basic problem of human society is that it exists between the extremes of these two qualities and very few people have the quality of Sattva—purity and harmony.

Purity in this sense is not about being a vegetarian or following a specific lifestyle; it refers to having a higher frequency of vibration compared with that at which matter normally vibrates. Sattva brings balance and harmony between the opposite polarities of Rajas and Tamas and imparts the sensation of wellness and harmony, like champagne fizzing inside you or like the buzz of a high-frequency vibration. These extreme forces are within every person on this planet in different degrees, and the problems of human relationship will not go away until we, as a community, live in Sattva, in the Light. Therefore, a fundamental transformation of human society is needed.

Excerpt from The New Planetary Reality (pages 63 – 66)

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