Monthly Archives: August 2017

Living the Spiritual Life Today

To live a spiritual life, you don’t have to give up your job or become a monk or a nun. The spiritual life is where you are, whether or not you have a job, are married or have children. You don’t have to suddenly throw everything away and rush off to join a Tibetan monastery. […]

Everything You Do Counts


Everything you do counts if you do it selflessly as an act of charity or genuine love. The secret of death is that at the moment you die you are simply a summary of all the things you’ve done in your life. The result of all activities is summarized into one single state of consciousness […]

The Search for Reality

The human being is a complicated creature. We consist of two major parts: the totally spiritual and the totally material. By the material part, I mean the physical body (the temporary manifestation into which you have incarnated in this particular lifetime), your emotional nature, your thinking nature and the life-energy inside you. The other part […]