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The Quest for the Holy Grail and the Feminine Principle

Following on from The Mystery of the Holy Grail… The Quest for the Holy Grail is not physical, emotional or mental; and secondly, there is another reality in a spiritual dimension where the real Quest takes place. The question is: How do we approach that other reality? How do we link this world with that […]

The Mystery of the Holy Grail

The mystery of the Holy Grail will help you understand that the Warrior Path is a Spiritual Path of the most profound nature, symbolized in the West as the quest for the Holy Grail by the Knights of the Round Table and in the East as the quest for Immortality by the Chinese Spiritual Warriors. […]

Time With God

Let every moment of your day be part of your spiritual path. Apart from knowing that you have a spiritual destiny and purpose, you must also periodically sit down and do a specific technique, a breathing technique or a mantra technique or whatever. You must dedicate some time, maybe ten minutes, half an hour or […]