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The Question Who am I? Determines Your Life

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The Question Who am I? determines your life. When you ask yourself Who am I? you can get not only the answer to the meaning of your life but also an understanding of why human beings are the way they are and why the planet is the way it is. In other words, what you […]

A Guide to Finding Stillness in Today’s Society


The Spiritual Path actually lies within us. I want to remind you of this wonderful truth again because, as you know, most of us in the Western world are intensely busy, creating all kinds of busyness in our lives so that we don’t get bored. Have you noticed that some people always have radios and […]

The Divine Presence, Shekinah, is in Everything


When we look at the physical Universe, physical objects and our physical body, we only see an appearance. We do not see them as they really are. We see only an infinitesimally small fragment because our five physical body senses can only touch, in terms of vibration, one microscopic fragment of what this kingdom really […]

The Spiritual Path and Your Purpose in Life

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You cannot enter the Spiritual Path unless you are clear about your purpose in life. A lot of people are confused when they begin the Path. They don’t really know what they are looking for; they just hear about some strange guru giving a lecture, so they go along and it sounds interesting, but then […]