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The Purpose of Spontaneous Meditation The purpose of Spontaneous Meditation or Being in the Moment is: ·      To experience Life in its totality, fully, one-hundred-percent, with full Awareness, Consciousness and Significance, Moment by Moment, as it flows in you and through your Life-Stream. ·      To experience the Timeless, the Eternal, in your “ordinary” experiences of […]

In the Heart you experience yourself as a bodiless Spirit, as Pure Consciousness. You find yourself fully conscious but without a body or form of any sort. Some initial experiences of the state of Pure Consciousness are as follows: You are aware but without a shape. You are aware without a shape or a form, […]

Everything you do counts if you do it selflessly as an act of charity or genuine love. The secret of death is that at the moment you die you are simply a summary of all the things you’ve done in your life. The result of all activities is summarized into one single state of consciousness […]