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Vertical Evolution and the Path The Path of Unfoldment can be speeded up by meditation—the conscious, intelligent use of the mind. The Spiritual Path is an attempt to come quickly to Buddhic Consciousness and from there to Nirvāṇa. By taking up the Path, the true Zen student, the true Sufi, Mystic, Buddhist, Christian, Yogī, Sikh […]

Miracles in the world are many, but there is no greater miracle than Man.  ~  Sophocles Remember that Existence is purposeful.It always was, is, and shall be. Whether we speak of the life of an atom, a man, a planet, a solar system, a central sun or a galaxy, each has its period of Involution, […]

When you become Soul-Conscious, you have taken the first step on the Path out of the human evolutionary stream onto a different evolutionary level. You are beginning in the lower rank of a superhuman evolutionary kingdom, another hierarchy of beings that already exists. Normally, people have to come to this level through aeons of evolution […]