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Peace on Earth depends on each one of us, and the Peace within you depends on the degree of your at-one-ment with your Soul in your Heart. You cannot become a Master of all that is in Heaven if you have hatred in your Heart. Suffering knows no boundaries, no class distinctions, no discrimination between […]

In the Heart you experience yourself as a bodiless Spirit, as Pure Consciousness. You find yourself fully conscious but without a body or form of any sort. Some initial experiences of the state of Pure Consciousness are as follows: You are aware but without a shape. You are aware without a shape or a form, […]

There is a quote from the Bible “For as he thinketh in his Heart, so is he.” (Proverbs: 23–7) For every story in the Bible only two per cent was narrated and taught, the other ninety-eight per cent was forgotten.  What was really meant was “As a man prays in his Heart, so he is.” […]

If you practice love as a mental exercise only, it won’t work. New Agers can be very mental and hope to reorganize the world purely on a mental level—Love your neighbour; help the poor in Africa—with mental ideas. It won’t work because the love has to spring naturally from your Heart. A mental idea won’t […]