Attaining Superhuman Evolution

When you become Soul-Conscious, you have taken the first step on the Path out of the human evolutionary stream onto a different evolutionary level.

You are beginning in the lower rank of a superhuman evolutionary kingdom, another hierarchy of beings that already exists. Normally, people have to come to this level through aeons of evolution within the natural processes of nature, but at this time there is a possibility for human beings to consciously evolve out of the natural kingdom into the superhuman or spiritual kingdom by a conscious, willed effort. And that is the purpose of meditation.

Our purpose on this planet goes beyond just evolving out of the primitive stages to where we are now; that was only a small part of our evolution. Our purpose on this planet is to attain the superhuman evolutionary level, and the present human civilization has reached that intelligence whereby we can do it. If we make the conscious choice, and if we understand the goal and the process, we can enter the next evolutionary level. By the application of a particular knowledge and practice we can begin to grow out of the human kingdom into a superhuman kingdom.


When you experience your Soul Nature, your whole life radically changes.

You feel that you are living in two universes: you are experiencing life here, while at the same time you are experiencing a completely different reality. And you realize that both are you! You are living in two worlds.

Later on, you will experience a still higher universe, a Divine Universe. Then you will be living simultaneously in three different universes. Then you will understand the dignity and the ultimate purpose of human evolution. When you have gone through this threefold evolution, you will realize: “Wow! People have forgotten this tremendous vision of why this planet was created, and why Humanity was put on this planet!” The actual purpose of Humanity is to live simultaneously in three vastly different universes—this part of Creation, the middle Creation, and the regions of Light—and thereby to bring these vastly different realities together. A perfect human being links these three realms in one entity, one being. That was the original plan for Humanity on this particular planet. It is a tremendous goal and a tremendous vision. As more people begin to realize this, the planet will change and, naturally, human consciousness will change.


We cannot change the planet through outer means.

For thousands of years, politicians, sociologists, and religious leaders have been trying to change human consciousness by external means, by telling people to be “good,” to love their neighbour, not to hurt people, not to kill, not to steal. Every religious leader has made rules about how people should live, and these ideas are very good, but people will never be able to live in such a way until they realize all these wonderful things about themselves and about the Universe. When they meditate and experience the tremendous inner happiness within themselves, and when they attain Divine Consciousness (which is a still higher level of meditation), then their whole lives change, even on the outer level. Then it becomes spontaneous and natural to do these things. When you realize that you are a Living Soul living in a very blissful condition, and that everybody else also lives in that condition, and that the whole Universe is filled with Love, then it is very easy to love others. It becomes your basic nature.

As more people do this, more people’s lives will change. When the whole of society is doing this, then the life of the whole society will be totally different. People will naturally be good, and everything will blossom on this planet. Finally we will have peace on Earth. But until then there will be conflict and wars. While we have lost our essential connection with Reality, there is no way we can avoid this.

The Kingdom of God grows upon us. It becomes a reality for us when we become part of the Kingdom of God, and as more of us become part of the Kingdom of God, the Spirit will become an ever greater power on this Earth. There is no point in saying, “When I die I will go to the Kingdom of God.” You won’t. It is only through your internal recognition and attainment of Higher Reality while you are here in the body that you can enter the Kingdom of God.

We each must bring the Kingdom of God right down to this level, and so change nature and change society and everything else around us. The Kingdom of God is already here; what is missing is our connection to It and our conscious recognition of It. That is how simple it is, and that is why it is so difficult. When you begin this path, then very rapidly you will develop some amazing insights and understanding about the true meaning of your existence on this level of Creation. At the moment you see one percent of Reality. Later on, when you become Soul-Conscious, you will begin to see ten percent of Reality. When you are God-Conscious, you will see one hundred percent of Reality. Then, of course, your whole vision of existence will be vastly different.


Excerpt from The Journey Within (Pages 53-56)

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