We Are One With God

For many thousands of years the Eastern religions and also Western Christianity separated the creature from the Creator, the Universe from God and the personality from the Soul. The sensation was that God was up there, you were down here and your Soul was waffling somewhere; nobody knows where. There was the sensation that there are the finite creatures and somewhere an Infinite Being.

You are part of Divinity, an expression for Divinity. Your body is a point of Light for Divinity. You can find Divinity right where you are in all possible circumstances, and whatever you do is infused with Divine Life.

This is a unique concept because if you go to India, the sadhus, sannyasins, saints and yogis are completely separate from everything. They have no existence in the world but live in a kind of self-enclosed isolated state doing nothing for the environment. In our system you do everything for the environment because the Divine Light shines through you into the environment. You become a hand of God or an expression of Divinity in a very real way.

The old-fashioned idea was that when you die you go to the Heaven World. But you can find the Kingdom of God right here and now. In the here and now, in every moment of your living process, no matter what you do, the Kingdom of God is here for you. This will alter your perception of life in many ways.

The Spirit is the limitless all-pervading power in and around us. It’s in matter, in the Astral Worlds, in the Mental Worlds—within all the worlds. The Spirit is the Universal Reality. It was taught that the personality is somehow a great obstacle to the Spirit therefore the East said to kill out desire, thinking and physical activity to neutralize the personality expression. This is what the sannyasins and yogis do; they stop living.

Even during the times of the Vedas the idea was to be in the world but not of the world, fully active in creation, like a god or goddess, doing your share in the creation process. In the last six thousand years that was dropped and the idea was developed that you escape from creation and the world, from responsibility into a kind of no-thought, no-feeling, no-action state.

You don’t need to escape and you can still feel Divinity coursing right through you at all stages and all times. But you will escape also because part of the process is to lift yourself to different realms and possibilities of stillness and no-stillness. All that the East cherishes and develops will be just a small part of your expression also, because it’s part of the total ultimate and Absolute Reality.

So, the ancient idea in the last six thousand years was that you had to separate yourself from normal life to become Divine, become a monk or nun and renounce the whole world in order that you could become Divine or spiritual.


On the contrary, you become more Divine by engaging into things. The Western Tradition is to become God-Conscious and express Divinity in action, in transforming and helping the suffering environment. As human beings it is our duty to change the environment to more perfection, to express Divinity in the place where we are.

That is the path we follow and it’s work because in that work you release Divinity and the more you release Divinity the more it comes. But as I said it is tempered by stillness and tuning in. You evolve inside and outside.

Whatever you do, do not reject it. You must not split your understanding and fall into the Eastern trap of division saying that one thing is holy and the other is not holy. This is completely untrue because everything is holy.

The very basis of Kaballah is that this is Holy Ground. Literally, God dances in the atoms of physical matter, one hundred percent, not symbolically but in a most literal, actual way. Whatever you do is Holy Ground and an expression of Divinity. Therefore you learn that all these many expressions of God are simply an expression of yourself. Sometimes you will be still, sometimes active, sometimes mental, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes highly spiritual, sometimes abstract; all of these many attributes are simply you and none of them is any holier than the other.

This is something beginners always forget. They think that only when they’re meditating or chanting they are holy and when they are doing the account books they are not holy but worldly. The Divine Being is holy in all activities. It’s just holiness. Therefore you are holy in all your activities so that you have a unified Field of Consciousness which is Cosmic-Consciousness.

Every moment you’re breathing the Divine Life. Every time you breathe in, you’re breathing in God and every time you breathe out, you’re breathing out God. Every time you wash dishes you’re handling the body of God. Can you believe that the dishes and the soap are actually the body of God?

The problem is that people think that God is out there beyond the Milky Way, or comes in the Heaven World after you die. If you think that way you are miles away from God because God is within every physical atom. It is in everything. Perceive the Divine Consciousness in everything and that whatever you do you’re simply an exploding consciousness of Divinity. Your consciousness is an atom in the Divine Consciousness and your physical body is an atom in the body of God. The Astral, Mental and Causal Worlds are the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies of God. This Physical World is the physical body of God. God is right here.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17: 21) It’s within you and you can find it. It doesn’t have to be outside and you don’t have to wait until you die. God is right within you. Wherever you walk you are walking in the Kingdom of God.


From Western Mysteries – Session1285

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